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Apple and blackberry muffins

Apple and blackberry muffins

This recipe makes a batch of scrumptious healthy muffins, ideal for a snack or breakfast. They contain no dairy so are suitable for individuals who follow a vegetarian diet or who are lactose intolerant.
Aussie Prawn Salad

Aussie Prawn Salad

This tempting prawn salad is packed with vitamins and mineral. It’s a healthy choice for lunch or dinner that will satisfy your taste buds and your nutritional needs.
Avocado and coconut ice cream

Avocado and coconut ice cream

This raw food recipe for vegan icecream with avocado and coconut is not only vegan, it’s also sugar free and gluten free. But it’s rich, sweet, super creamy vegan dessert that is adaptable and easy.
Banana pannacotta

Banana Pannacotta

A recipe for pannacotta that is bound to become a family favourite. Topped with fresh fruit, this is a low fat, healthy alternative for dessert.
BBQ Chilli Lime Oz Prawns

BBQ chilli lime Oz prawns

This mouth-watering prawn recipe is bound to be a hit at your next BBQ. It's quick to prepare and cook, so you'll be able to focus on entertaining. Marinated in lime and fresh chilli.
Berry Souffle

Berry Souffle

A recipe for delicious berry soufflé that will be a hit at any social gathering. It has the goodness of berries, is low in fat, and is gluten free.
Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry smoothie

A recipe for a delicious low fat, low calorie smoothie packed with calcium and vitamins. The perfect beverage to serve friends on a hot day. It contains blueberries, mango and frozen yoghurt.
Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg

Whether you like a hard boiled egg or a soft boiled egg, this recipe will help you cook a perfect […]
Boiled pasta

Boiled Pasta

A pasta recipe that will help you make pasta al dente every time. The perfect base for a healthy meal. Serve with meat or vegetable sauce and a side salad.
Carrot cake

Carrot cake recipe

A classic favourite, this version of the carrot cake recipe is sure to be a hit, minus the usual calories.
Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soup

A simple, creamy cauliflower soup recipe that's tasty hot or cold. Serve with crusty bread to make a light meal.
Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower, fennel and cannellini bean soup recipe

This recipe makes a mouthwatering cauliflower soup which is low in fat, rich in protein and bursting with nutrients. The perfect base for a healthy meal or entrée, it is suitable individuals who follow vegan, cholesterol-lowering and low-fat diets.
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Chickpea tuna salad recipe

An easy recipe for a light healthy salad. Perfect for lunch or dinner on a hot day or a side salad to accompany any meal. It’s packed with the goodness of calcium, fibre, omega 3 fatty acids and protein.
Chocolate Date Slice

Chocolate date slice recipe

Healthy, easy to make fruit and nut chocolate slice packed with flavour.
Chocolate Sultana Cake

Chocolate sultana cake

Healthy, easy to make chocolate sultana cake.