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Exercise is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle because it helps maintain a healthy weight, keeps bones and muscles strong and maintains heart health. The types of exercise most suitable varies at different life stages, for example during pregnancy, and also for people with health conditions like heart disease or obesity. Read more about Exercise.


Lifestyle has a remarkable influence on our health. It influences the health of every body organ, from the eyes to the reproductive system. Read more about how lifestyle is associated with a range of health conditions.


Keeping the family healthy can be a challenge. Creating a healthy, happy lifestyle with good nutrition, physical activity, love and support is essential for good family health. For the best possible family health, a healthy lifestyle should begin before you conceive your first child. Find out more about lifestyle and Family Health.

Mental Health

Mental health is about keeping the mind healthy and happy. Medical conditions like schizophrenia can have a negative impact on the mind, but daily life events that cause stress, anxiety or sadness cause many mental health problems. Find out more about keeping the mind healthy and maintaining Mental Health.


Nutrition, the process of eating and nourishing the body with food, has a remarkable influence on one’s health. It’s important to eat a wide range of healthy foods, but also to avoid unhealthy foods, to ensure the body stays healthy and to avoid health conditions like diabetes, obesity and erectile dysfunction . Read more about Nutrition and health.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety or staying healthy at work covers everything from avoiding exposures to chemicals and infectious diseases, to balancing work life and parenting responsibilities. Staying healthy at work is an important component of every healthy lifestyle. Read more about Occupational Health and Safety.

Preventative Health

Prevention is better than cure and staying optimally healthy means tailoring your lifestyle to ensure you maintain your physical and mental health. Healthy eating and exercise are important but you’ll also need to avoid too much sun, get plenty of sleep, have healthy sex and practice good hygiene to prevent the spread of diseases. Read more about Preventative Health.


Healthy, nutritious food builds a healthy well-nourished body, however our meals often contain unnecessary additives like sugar and salt. Delicious food can also be healthy food. See a range of healthy recipes for salad, meals, deserts and more.


Sexuality and sexual behaviour have a remarkable influence on health. A healthy sex life is important for wellbeing, but sexual problems can cause emotional and relationship difficulties. Precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are also important. Find out more about Sexual Health and Sexuality.


Sleep is essential for the mind and body, however many things can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re staying up at night because of stress, bedwetting, menopause or jetlag, it’s important to practice good sleep hygiene and establish good sleeping patterns. Read more about Sleep.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are both associated with significant long term health risks like cancer and heart disease. It can be difficult to quit drinking alcohol or smoking and it’s important to be familiar with the health risks and strategies which can help you quit. Read more about Smoking and Alcohol.

Pregnancy and Lifestyle

Pregnancy is an exciting and happy time, but for some it’s a time of emotional turmoil and considerable health risks. Most pregnant women experience symptoms like morning sickness and all need to pay careful attention to diet and exercise to protect their health and the health of their developing baby. Find out more about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during Pregnancy.