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21 Sep: World Alzheimer's Day

Medical exam

Memory Loss

What is memory loss? What causes memory loss? When do you see your healthcare professional? Clinical examination Warning signs for dementia...

Memory Problems

Dr Karyn Boundy discusses the causes, symptoms, testing and possible treatments of memory problems. Hello, I’m Dr Karyn Boundy, a senior […]
wrong shoes

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease is  a progressive disease of the brain characterised by failure of memory and disturbances in other mental functions,...

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Vaccination injection

Patients support flu injections at pharmacies as vaccination program expands

A QUT-led pilot program designed to boost Queensland’s vaccination rates has shown a high level of satisfaction from patients given […]

Caffeine helps cancer survivors reach exercise goals

Caffeine may improve exercise capacity and reduce fatigue in cancer survivors, a University of Queensland study has found. The study […]

Transition care helps older people return home after hospital stay

More than half of older people who received care as part of the Transition Care Program following a stay in […]
active nerve cell or neurons

Neurology/Neurophysiology Feature Pages

A diverse range of conditions, from excessive sweating to epilepsy, are underpinned by neurological abnormalities. Read expert advice about...
Abstract blue eye

Diabetic Retinopathy

The eye and diabetes Anatomy of the eye and vision Visual field testing Diabetes mellitus type 1 Diabetes mellitus type […]
Artificial Model of the human body.

Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer and the body Cancer overview Anatomy of the gastrointestinal system Types of pancreatic cancer Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas Pancreatic...


  Breast milk production The uniqueness of human breast milk The do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding Common breastfeeding problems...
Woman in doctor's office frowning

New Year’s Resolution: Go For a Check-up With Your Doctor

Long summer holidays are an ideal time to visit your doctor. If you've been neglecting your health check-ups, make a New Year's Resolution to see...
Sick girl blowing her nose

Nasal sprays and washes for cold and flu

Nasal irrigation (washing the nasal cavity with fluid) can be used to remedy cold and flu symptoms like a blocked nose and is usually used in...