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Of Interest this Week: Workplace Health

sneezing woman with laptop

Cold and Flu Prevention at Work

Cold and flu spread easily in the workplace. Occupational health and safety measures for cold and flu prevention include employees getting a flu...
Woman breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and the Workplace

Combining work and breastfeeding can create considerable pressures for working women with newborn babies. As a result, working mothers are less...
Woman with glasses, eye chart in background

Office Ergonomics: Preventing Eye Strain

The human eye is not designed for looking at a computer screen for prolonged periods. Eye health problems related to computer use are usually...

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World-first epilepsy phone service launched

Tasmanians living with or affected by epilepsy will benefit from a world-first telephone-based peer support service launched in Hobart recently....

Unravelling the genetic mystery behind mitochondrial disease

Mitochondrial disease is an illness that robs its sufferers of energy, and damages muscles and major organs like the brain […]

Ladder safety campaign for Aussie men

A new national education campaign encourages Australian men to consider their safety and avoid engaging in risky ladder use. Every […]