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What is the Virtual Medical Centre (myVMC)?

Virtual Medical Centre is Australia’s leading medical information website. It delivers the latest medical information written by medical professionals.

Dr. Andrew Dean, Oncologist and Medical Director of the Virtual Cancer Centre, tells us about the history of myVMC: the Virtual Medical Centre.
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myVMC ethos

myVMC aims to provide information on current conventional medicine. Information is designed to support that provided by your health professional and never to replace it.

Information on our site

The Medical Centre websites consists of 25 medical information centres on topics ranging from Cancer to Fitness to Women’s Health, each with medical information on:

Consult magazine

Consult magazine is a free quarterly ePublication for Australian general practitioners, allied health professionals and specialists. Each issue is read by nearly 10,000 medical professionals.

If you are a health professional please click here and sign up / log in for the health professional platform of Virtual Medical Centre. You will be able to access the previous issues of Consult Magazine, subscribe to receive up-coming issues or contact us if you would like to contribute to future issues. We gladly accept article contributions from professionals with a passion for communicating and educating about topics within their field of expertise.

Medical Directors and Editorial Advisory Board

Each centre has a Medical Director who works on ensuring the quality of medical information on the site is maintained and continually enhanced. The Medical Director is also assisted by an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) of medical specialists.

The EAB is a group of medical specialists who have formed together in their particular area of medical expertise to contribute comments and feedback on the information that is displayed on the relevant centre. The Virtual Medical Centre’s EAB consists of over 1,000 medical professionals.

Dr Andrew Dean Play video Dr Graeme Hankey Play video
Dr Andrew Dean
Virtual Cancer Centre
Prof Graeme Hankey
Virtual Neuro Centre
Dr Goucke Play video Dr Brendan McQuillan
Dr Roger Goucke
Pain Physician
Virtual Pain Centre
Dr Brendan McQuillan
Virtual Cardiac Centre
Prof Jeffrey Hamdorf Play video Dr Andrew McQuillan Play video
Prof Jeffrey Hamdorf
General Surgeon
Virtual Weightloss Centre
Dr Andrew McQuillan
Virtual Blood Centre
Dr Clay Golledge Dr Donald Ormonde Play video
Dr Clay Golledge
Virtual Infection Centre
Dr Donald Ormonde
Virtual Gastro Centre
Dr Nick DeFelice Play video Dr Peter Bremner Play video
Dr Nick De Felice
Virtual Psych Centre
Dr Peter Bremner
Respiratory Physician
Virtual Respiratory Centre
Dr Paul Snelling Professor Rob Will Play video
Dr Paul Snelling
Virtual Renal Centre
A/Prof Rob Will
Virtual Rheum /Bone Centre
Dr Garry Wilson Dr Steve Wilson
Dr Garry Wilson
General Practitioner
General Practitioner Board
Dr Steve Wilson
General Practitioner
General Practitioner Board


Virtual Medical Centre has recently split up its website into two separate websites showing different levels of information.

The new website is aimed at patients and their families. Membership to myVMC is available to everyone and is completely free. Members can choose to receive the fortnightly enewsletter to stay up to date with the latest health news and are eligible to enter our ongoing fantastic member only competitions. Sign up now!

Health professionals can access more detailed sensitive information and complete continuing medical education requirements when logged in to the password-protect website of the Virtual Medical Centre. Likewise membership is free, sign up or log in now!

The information provided on Virtual Medical Centre is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.


Virtual Medical Centre gratefully acknowledges support from the pharmaceutical industry. For a list of all our sponsors please click on the link here.

Editorial quality assurance

The final decision of editorial content in a disease centre is made by the Medical Director responsible for that area, they are listed above. If a particular disease centre does not have a Medical Director, then Dr Andrew Dean, Group Medical Director makes the final editorial decisions.

Each Medical Director has recruited a board of medical specialists in their particular disease area who they consult with regularly regarding medical editorial content on the websites. This keeps medical information credible and eliminates any conflict of interest issues that may arise due to sponsorship funding.


To find out about myVMC’s advertising policies, please view our advertising policy page.

To find out about advertising opportunities, please view our advertise with us page.


HONcode Virtual Medical Centre is accredited by the Geneva Switzerland HON International Ethics Code delivering our organisation the highest level of transparency and ethical standards available on the internet today.
Proud partner of healthdirectProud partner of Pregnancy Birth and BabyMHC_RGB_Master Virtual Medical Centre is an approved information partner for the Australian government health information websites: HealthDirect, Pregnancy Birth and Baby and mindhealthconnect.


sTandem logo Virtual Medical Centre is proud to be an Associated Partner of the Standardised Language Certificate for Medical Purposes (sTANDEM) project. The sTANDEM project is intended to assess, promote and certify the command of professional English among health care professionals worldwide but predominantly in Europe. By invitation, myVMC provides content for use in the sTANDEM exams.
Folding at home download Virtual Medical Centre and its employees support the Folding@home distributed computing project initiated by the Pande lab at Stanford University. We run their software which contributes to their goal of understanding protein folding, misfolding and related diseases. For more information, see


Hitwise awards Virtual Medical Centre received the No. 1 Website in the Hitwise Top 10 Website Award in recognition of outstanding performance. Hitwise is the industry standard which measures popularity according to the market share of user visits a website receives compared to other websites in their industry.
WAITTA winner Online Winner in the 18th WAITTA AWARDS 2008. The WAITTA awards recognise outstanding performance and contributions by members of the IT and technology community in Western Australia.
Pandora award  National Library of Australia. PANDORA (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia) is an archive of Australian online publications that the National Library of Australia considers are of significance. Virtual Medical Centre was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia.
Secrets award Finalist in the Secrets of Australian IT Innovation Awards provides professional development for nurses. Virtual Nursing Education has become a finalist in the Austrade Secrets of IT Innovation 2005.
Secrets award Finalist in the Secrets of Australian IT Innovation Awards 2004. My Quest (Online Medical Health Records) has become a finalist in the Austrade Secrets of IT Innovation 2004
Prime Minister Award Finalist and Winner of the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships for Western Australia 2004. Australian State and Territory Award Winner. Australian Prime Minister’s awards for excellence in community business partnerships 2004.

History of Virtual Medical Centre

Dr Andrew Dean

Dr Andrew Dean

Oncologist Dr Andrew Dean, discovered his patients had a real need for information on cancer. At times of great stress when people have been devastated by bad news of cancer or a life threatening disease, information retention is at its poorest. Often the patient will walk out of the doctor’s room feeling confused and uninformed.

Dr Dean decided to create an intranet site about cancer at his hospital for patients to use. He soon had people from other hospitals asking him for access to the information.

That’s when Dr Dean decided to team up with Pearl Farmer and International Businessman Mr Wayne Hughes to make the information on cancer available to everyone on the World Wide Web and was born.

Wayne Hughes

Wayne Hughes

Virtual Cancer went live in August 2001 and got 20,000 hits in the first month. Specialists from other medical areas asked for an equivalent information resource in their areas of expertise. The Virtual Cancer Centre evolved into Virtual Medical Centre. There are currently 24 disease areas getting an average of almost 90 million hits per month.



Below are all the partners who have contributed to the success of the Virtual Medical Centre since commencement:

Merrimack Logo Boehringer Ingelheim Bristol-Myers Squibb Lofo
Allergan Novartis
Pfizer Oncology
Janssen logo St Jude Medical PharmaCare Laboratories
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Aspen Australia Roche
Specialised Therapeutics Australia Regenerate Bayer
Dairy Australia
Merck Serono
Sanofi aventis
Inova pharmaceuticals
Blackmores logo
Merck Sharp & Dohme Pharmatel Fresenius Kabi AstraZeneca
Schering-Plough Pty Limited
Lilly Oncology
Bigpond McArthur Natural Products logo

Queries, Questions and Corrections

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