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It’s Australia Healthy Weight Week!

Woman preparing stew

The truth about diets: detox, cleansing and fad diets versus healthy balanced n…

Many Australians want to lose weight and can improve their health by doing so. Significant proportions of Australian men (64%) women (47%) and...
Pregnancy stages collage

How Much Weight to Gain During Pregnancy

Why should I put on weight during pregnancy? How much weight should I put on during pregnancy? How much weight do […]
psychiatrist with patient

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Weight Loss (CBT)

There are many different programs available to help people lose weight. Obesity may seem simple but is in fact a complex long term problem and...
Overweight woman

A last resort: Surgery for weight loss

Several surgical techniques have been used to treat obesity including gastric bypass, gastroplasty, gastric banding and liposuction.

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Organo-metal compound seen killing cancer cells from inside

Researchers have witnessed – for the first time – cancer cells being targeted and destroyed from the inside, by an […]

Sleepiness epidemic hits nation

A new national sleep study involving the University of Adelaide reveals Australia is in the grip of a sleep deprivation […]

Genes that affect lung function

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in collaboration with the Busselton Health Study are part...

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Selection of alcohol

Alcohol and Drinking

Drinking alcohol is common in Australia, and many people enjoy drinking. Excessive consumption of alcohol, either chronic alcohol consumption or...
bed wetting

Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Bed wetting (also known as nocturnal enuresis) is a common condition which most children outgrow by age five as the organs which control...
Cancer patient with bandana

Cancer: Overview

Cancer, a condition characterised by abnormal cell growth, is a leading cause of death in developed countries. It can affect any of the body’s...