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Medical exam

The medical system : Bulk billing and medicare: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript The medical system can be a little bit of a mystery to people, especially as for most of us […]
Doctor and patient

Anal Bleeding

Most people don’t like the sight of blood – particularly their own blood, and even less so if it’s coming […]
Stressed woman

Stress Management

Stress is an issue of the late Twentieth Century. Historically, stress has been physical, resulting in a ‘fight or flight’ […]
skin anatomy

The Human Skin (Video)

The biggest organ in the body is skin. How do we keep it looking good, young and healthy? Dr Joe […]

How to prevent heart disease: Prof Sullivan

Clinical Associate Professor David Sullivan explains the significance of family history and cholesterol in cardiovascular disease, the importance of promoting awareness about the inherited risk of CVD, and the concept of familial cascade screening.