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Organo-metal compound seen killing cancer cells from inside

Researchers have witnessed – for the first time – cancer cells being targeted and destroyed from the inside, by an […]

Sleepiness epidemic hits nation

A new national sleep study involving the University of Adelaide reveals Australia is in the grip of a sleep deprivation […]

Genes that affect lung function

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in collaboration with the Busselton Health Study are part...

Polymeric compound that can streamline the way we diagnose cancer

Professor Krasimir Vasilev and members of his team in the School of Engineering and Future Industries Institute at the University of South...

Novel shoe insoles step in right direction for multiple sclerosis

An international team of researchers is trialling specially designed shoe insoles aimed at improving the mobility of people with multiple […]

People with intellectual disability are twice as likely to die of a preventable…

The deaths of more than 700 Australian adults with an intellectual disability could have been avoided with more appropriate health care and...

Sitting not linked to incident diabetes

Sitting may not be as deadly as previously thought, with new research led by the University of Sydney ruling out […]

Volunteers needed for New Year eating study

The University of Tasmania is looking for volunteers for a new study into what helps people change their diet successfully. […]

Heart Fat Associated with Higher Risk of Heart Disease in Postmenopausal Women

A higher volume of a certain type of fat that surrounds the heart is significantly associated with a higher risk […]

Stopping heart attacks before they occur

The difficulty with primary prevention of heart attacks is that it deals with risk. Primary prevention is the term we […]

Are prebiotics the answer for lactose intolerance?

New research led by scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and NC State University demonstrates the effectiveness of using […]

Premature babies don’t use sensory-prediction brain process that may be k…

Babies born prematurely don’t use their expectations about the world to shape their brains as babies born at full term […]

Molecule’s potential to slow Parkinson’s progress

A naturally occurring molecule in the brain, when used as a therapy, may hold a key to stopping the progression […]

Four good habits add up to lower weight gain

Researchers looked into the association between weight gain and meeting simple guidelines for four key behaviours by surveying a cohort […]

Battling the side effects of prostate cancer

A study at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University is seeking men with prostate cancer to […]