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Is your child’s achy back more than just growing pains?

According to a new literature review in the January issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, […]

Australian-first study of gay men with diabetes

Australia’s first study of gay men with type 2 diabetes is underway at Victoria University. Edwin Pascoe is conducting the […]

My dad… my hero… my button buddy

Most boys look up to their dads as hero’s and four and half year old Zephyr Anderson is no different. Zephyr’s dad Clay would stop at nothing for...

Teens with fewer mental health issues turn to e-cigarettes

Teenagers with moderate mental health problems who may not have considered smoking conventional cigarettes are turning to electronic cigarettes,...
salad mix recall

Product safety recall on pre-packaged salad leaves

Tripod Farmers Pty Ltd has recalled the following products from Coles, Bi-Lo (VIC, NSW, SA, NT & ACT), Woolworths (ACT, VIC […]

How do we halt the spread of Zika virus?

With the WHO declaring the zika virus a global public health emergency, key questions must be answered if we are to […]

More than 400 conditions co-occur with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) have identified 428 distinct disease conditions that co-occur in people […]

Low zinc levels may suggest potential breast-feeding problems

Zinc levels in breast milk may be able to serve as an indicator of breast function during lactation, according to […]

Short film captures tragic life with Lyme disease

Imagine suffering with a disease some medical professionals say is non-existent in Australia. This is the reality for Karen New […]

New program reduces hospital infections

A first-of-its-kind collaborative project between QUT and Logan Hospital designed to reduce healthcare associated infection has won national...

Improving pregnancy care for at-risk populations in Australia

Three different at-risk populations with evidence of poor pregnancy outcomes are the focus of Dr Melanie Gibson-Helm’s research program, funded...

Honey bee reveals insights into workings of human brain

The honey bee brain is extraordinary. In the same way that the human brain expands in size from birth to […]

Volunteers wanted for study concerning falls in older adults with macular degen…

QUT Optometrist and PhD candidate Ursula White wants people over 65 with and without macular degeneration to participate in a […]

Improving outcomes for kids with cancer

UNSW childhood cancer researchers have been awarded close to $4.5 million to fund ground breaking new research set to significantly […]

Physio to help reduce headaches for people with mental health issues

Improving the quality of life for people with schizophrenia and other mental health problems who suffer from persistent headaches can […]