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Shapes, lines and movements are in the eye of the beholder

New thinking about how we perceive shapes, lines and movement suggests this information is first deciphered in the retina of […]

Methadone can protect injecting drug users against hep C

Up to two million hepatitis C infection cases could be averted worldwide in the next ten years if opioid substitution […]

Stand up for your heart health

Stand up and be counted: That’s the message from a University of Queensland study that found more time standing could […]

Understanding GATA2: How one molecule may hold the key to treating lymphoedema

Researchers at the Centre for Cancer Biology – an alliance between UniSA and SA Pathology – have unlocked another piece […]

National salt reduction goal could aid fight against cardiovascular disease

Setting a national salt reduction target could be an effective way to stem cardiovascular disease, propose University of Sydney researchers. […]
woman showing bald head - secondary effect of chemotherapy

Cancer death rate projected to decrease over next decade

The current downward trend in cancer death rates looks set to continue, according to a report released today by the […]
Psychologist talking to a depressed patient

New treatment for severe depression with far fewer side effects

Electroconvulsive therapy remains one of the most effective treatments for severe depression, but new UNSW research shows ultra-brief pulse...
Woman in doctor's office smiling

New Pap smear schedule leads to fewer chlamydia tests in US

It’s a tale of two tests: one for early signs of cervical cancer, the other for a sexually transmitted disease. […]
woman in labour, hospital

Molecular mechanisms within foetal lungs that initiate labour

Researchers at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have identified two proteins in a foetus’ lungs responsible for initiating the...

What does a life lived on the autism spectrum look like?

The overwhelming sense of feeling ‘different’ is familiar to many of the 230,000 Australians living with autism. But how does […]

Treating breast cancer with progesterone could aid survival

A special technique where breast cancer cells are “rescued” for research has been developed at the University of Adelaide. Coupled […]

Community to drive local response to obesity prevention

A community-led approach to improve the long-term health of residents in the Yarriambiack Shire was launched in Warracknabeal on Friday […]

Assistance for those in pain to think clearly

Pain affects not only how we feel but also how clearly we think, research has shown. In a new study, […]

Applied Microbial Genomics set to revolutionise public health in Australia

The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity (Doherty Institute) has launched the Doherty Centre for Applied Microbial Genomics, which...

New biomarker for schizophrenia found

A new biomarker for schizophrenia that provides further insight into the development of the debilitating disease has been discovered and […]