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Unique microcapsules for people with type-1 diabetes

Curtin University researchers are a step closer to establishing a way for people with type-1 diabetes to introduce insulin into […]

Genes a major cause of inflammatory diseases

A global study involving 50 different research centres has found hundreds of genes which cause five common, hard-to-treat and debilitating […]

Insight into high suicide rate in rural areas

Newly published research around alarming suicide rates in regional areas provides an important insight into the issue. The research team from...

Teenage mothers at greater risk of partner violence

Australian women having their first child as teenagers are at increased risk of experiencing domestic violence, according to new data […]

Independent review of the efficacy and safety of over-the-counter codeine combi…

Consideration is currently being given to a codeine rescheduling proposal to up-schedule to Schedule 4 (S4) low dose codeine containing […]

Bully T cells key to next generation flu vaccine

Researchers are one step closer to creating a universal, one-shot influenza vaccine following the discovery that T cells, essential in […]

Handheld surgical ‘pen’ prints human stem cells

In a landmark proof-of-concept experiment, Australian researchers have used a handheld 3D printing pen to ‘draw’ human stem cells in […]

Physical and mental exercises protect memory by rewiring the brain

For the first time, researchers have revealed that progressive resistance exercise (high intensity strength training) and computerised cognitive...

Alert – reports of expired EpiPen devices supplied in cartons within expi…

A small number of reports have been received of discrepancies being noted between the batch numbers and expiry dates on […]

High blood pressure volunteers required for research study

  Are you between 18 and 85 years of age? Are you suffering from uncontrolled blood pressure ≥140mmHg despite treatment […]

Foetal motor neuron imbalance can hard-wire later problems

Motor neuron connections are refined in the weeks before and just after birth, and they are crucial for normal development […]

New way to harvest stem cells better for donors

Australian scientists have developed a new method for harvesting stem cells, which is less invasive and reduces side effects for […]

Helping people with Parkinson’s get a better night’s sleep

A new study at The University of Western Australia may offer hope in alleviating some of the memory and thinking […]

Smart materials and good vibrations for new treatment methods

Researchers have used the power of rock and roll to deliver and deploy safer quantities of cancer-killing drugs directly where […]

2016 seasonal influenza vaccines

Influenza vaccines can change from year to year as new strains of influenza virus appear. This is one reason vaccination […]