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General anaesthesia has no adverse effect on infant brain development

Anaesthesia in infancy has shown no adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes in children by the age of two, a new international study, […]

Cancer substantially affects cognition

International research team finds even localised cancer is associated with sustained cognitive impairment. An international group of researchers...

Patients fear antidepressants a “dirty little habit”

Research by University of Westminster, along with partner Universities both in Australia (Monash & New South Wales) and the UK […]

New finding will help target MS immune response

Researchers have made another important step in the progress towards being able to block the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) […]

Australia’s largest trial of ketamine treatment for major depression

A $2.1 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council announced today will see UNSW Professor Colleen Loo […]

Potential new treatment for tuberculosis

Deakin University scientists have discovered a potential new treatment for tuberculosis, a disease rapidly gaining resistance against current...
obese man

Protein that causes pre-diabetes identified

The western world is getting fatter and this has resulted in the development of a relatively new disease called non-alcoholic […]

Method for targeting the ‘Achilles heel’ of neuroblastoma

Australian scientists have identified a critical molecular ‘feedback loop’ that accelerates the progression of neuroblastoma, a cancer of the...

New technique paves the way for finding a HIV vaccine

Researchers are one step closer to finding an effective vaccine against HIV thanks to a new approach to systematically understanding […]

Natural immunity may lead fight against liver disease

University of Adelaide researchers have uncovered the role played by a family of genes, which can suppress hepatitis C virus […]

Sports technology to reduce injury

RMIT University researchers are putting the “smarts” into sports with leading-edge technologies designed to prevent sporting injuries. A pair of...

Screening for a silent killer cuts risk of stroke and death

Screening for asymptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF) in people aged 65 and over and treating it with anticoagulant medications could greatly […]

Scarlet fever making a comeback

An international study led by University of Queensland (UQ) researchers has tracked the re-emergence of a childhood disease which had […]

Rare cancers: let’s take a different approach

Renowned cancer expert Professor Ian Olver has urged a different approach when it comes to finding treatments for rare cancers. […]

New flu protections following high season

Vulnerable Australians will get free access to even stronger protections against the flu in 2016 following another record number of […]