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Asthma is a chronic allergic condition of the respiratory system which causes inflammation and symptoms like shortness of breath. It is a common condition in Australia.

About the respiratory system

Anatomy of the respiratory system

human-lung-bronchi-blue-100x100The human respiratory system consists of the organs involved in introducing oxygen to, and removing carbon dioxide from, the blood stream.

For more information, see Respiratory System.

About asthma


Orange asthma Inhaler and hoodAsthma, a chronic respiratory condition which causes inflammation of the airways, is very common in Australia. An asthma attack is characterised by coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and chest tightness.

For more information, see Asthma.

Aspirin-induced asthma

asthma-inhaler-100x100Aspirin-induced asthma refers to an inflammation of the airways that affects breathing, occurring after the use of aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

For more information, see Aspirin-induced Asthma.

Asthma and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is beneficial for babies, and mothers who have asthma can breastfeed. However, there are potential risks associated with using asthma medicines while breastfeeding, which should be discussed with a doctor.

Find more information, see Asthma and Breastfeeding.

Asthma videos

Asthma: The risk factors, symptoms and assessment

boy-astma-treatment-inhalation-100x100Some people have a greater risk of developing asthma than others. In this video, find out about the risk factors for asthma, symptoms, and how doctors assess the severity of asthma.

Watch the video Asthma: The Risk Factors, Symptoms and Assessment.

Asthma treatments and correct inhaler technique

woman-taking-asthma-treatment-100x100People with asthma often use inhalers and other medications to control their symptoms. This video discusses asthma medications and the correct use of asthma inhalers.

Watch the video Asthma Treatments and Correct Inhaler Technique.

Asthma Action Plans and what to do in an asthma attack

woman_respiratory_breathlessness_asthma_attack_100x100Asthma attacks can be fatal, so planning what to do when one occurs is an essential part of managing asthma. In this video, respiratory physician Dr Peter Bremner discusses the importance of having a written Asthma Action Plan and strategies for managing asthma attacks.

Watch the video Asthma Action Plans and What To Do in an Asthma Attack

Asthma symptoms


lungs_chains_breathe_respiratory_100x100Breathlessness is the sensation of feeling short of breath. It is a symptom of many respiratory conditions, including asthma. Find out what happens to the body when a person is breathless, and how doctors investigate this symptom of respiratory illness.

For more information, see Breathlessness.


Pouring cough medicine onto a spoon from a bottleCoughing, particularly when it occurs at night and for a long time, may be a symptom of asthma. Find out more about coughing and how doctors assess and treat coughing.

For more information, see Cough.


Pulmonary lung function test

doctors-lung-xray3-100x100A lung function test helps doctors determine the cause of respiratory symptoms like coughing and shortness of breath, which may be symptoms of asthma.

For more information, see Pulmonary Lung Function Test.


Asthma Score Calculator

asthma_sign_white_blue_respiratory_100x100The Asthma Score Calculator assesses the severity of asthma symptoms and the effectiveness of asthma treatment. Calculate an asthma score to discuss with your doctor.

Access the Asthma Score Calculator.



human-lung-bronchi-blue-100x100Bronchodilators are a group of medicines which treat asthma symptoms by opening the airways to facilitate air flow to and from the lungs.

For more information, see Bronchodilators.


lungs-xray3-respiratory-100x100Glucocorticosteroids are a group of medicines used to treat allergic conditions that affect the respiratory system, including asthma. Find out more about how these medicines work to relieve asthma symptoms.

For more information, see Glucocorticosteroids.

Supportive care

Asthma Foundation of New South Wales

The Asthma Foundation of New South Wales supports people living with asthma in New South Wales, and their loved ones, to lead healthy, happy lives.

For more information, see The Asthma Foundation of New South Wales.

Asthma Foundation of Western Australia

The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia supports people living with asthma in Western Australia, and their loved ones, to lead healthy, happy lives.

For more information, see The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia.


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