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Environmental exposures early in life modify immune response | Finland

The prevalence of allergic diseases has increased significantly over the last decades, creating substantial financial and societal burdens. Due to […]

Cord blood clue to respiratory diseases

New research has found children born in the last three months of the year in Melbourne may have a greater […]

Common chemical products making Australians sick

New research reveals almost one in five (18.9 per cent) Australians report chemical sensitivity, with more than one-third (6.5 per […]

Eyezep Eye Drops

Generic Name: azelastine hydrochloride Product Name: Eyezep Eye Drops Indication: What Eyezep Eye Drops is used for Eyezep is used […]

Dymista 125/50 Nasal Spray

Generic Name: azelastine hydrochloride; fluticasone propionate Product Name: Dymista 125/50 Nasal Spray Indication: What Dymista 125/50 Nasal Spray is used […]

DNA gets away: scientists catch the rogue molecule that can trigger autoimmunity

A research team has discovered the process – and filmed the actual moment – that can change the body’s response […]

Boosting immunity in fighting cancer and infections

An international research team led by Université de Montréal medical professor Christopher Rudd, director of research in immunology and cell […]

Breathing exercises help asthma patients with quality of life

A study led by the University of Southampton has found that people who continue to get problems from their asthma, […]

Proteins in breastmilk protect offspring against food allergy

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that a mother’s diet can protect nursing newborns against food allergies. […]

Fight cancer with fitness

In an Australian first, a new exercise-medicine healthcare service designed to combat the detrimental impact cancer has on patients’ health, […]