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Exercise to help during prostate cancer fight

Researchers say exercise could help patients combat the debilitating side effects of prostate cancer treatment. Victoria University’s Institute for Sport, […]
portrait of a mid adult man jogging in a park

Man power lost as obesity grows

As men get fatter their bones and muscles get weaker, a Deakin University study has found. A research team with […]
Cancer written on a blackboard

Men-only hepatitis B mutation explains higher cancer rates

A team of researchers has identified a novel mutation in the hepatitis B virus (HBV) in Korea that appears only […]
cancer cell

In prostate cancer prognosis, telomere length may matter

Like the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces, telomeres protect — in their case — the interior-gene containing parts […]

Drug delays quality of life decline in men with metastatic prostate cancer

Abiraterone acetate, a recently FDA-approved drug used to treat men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, significantly delays progression of pain […]
Male doctor with his patient

Testosterone deficiency not the only cause of age-associated changes in men

A study by MGH researchers finds that some of the symptoms often seen in middle-aged men – changes in body […]

Asthma score calculator

Calculate your asthma score to determine how well your treatments are controlling your asthma. The test is suitable for over 12 year olds. It considers how often you experience asthma symptoms and use medications to control them, as well as the severity of symptoms and how they...

ADHD Adult Self-Evaluation Tool

Complete the ADHD Adult Self Evaluation with this interactive tool. It automatically summarises and prints results, which you can take to a doctor appointment if you suspect you have ADHD. The tool is based on an interview developed by the World Health Organisation. Although...
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Free training for male-dominated workplaces to help reduce suicide

On World Suicide Prevention Day today, beyondblue announced it will provide male-dominated workplaces with free or heavily-subsidised training sessions to […]
cold and flu medication

Treating cold and flu symptoms with medication

Cold and flu treatments Relieving specific symptoms Stuffy nose treatments Nasal decongestants Other medicines for relieving stuffy noses Vaporubs Sore […]