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Canadian Prostate Cancer testing guidelines’ conclusions questioned

New Canadian guidelines on prostate cancer testing that recommend against use of the PSA blood test could, if followed by […]

New program delivers support for end of life carers

An important new program to improve the delivery of advance care planning and palliative care services to older Australians was […]
Little boy with stomach pain

Urinary tract infections in children: Dr Joe Kosterich

Urinary tract infections in children in some respects have similar principles to those in adults. Transcript Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. […]
Woman with stomach ache

Urinary tract infections: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript Urinary tract infections are fairly common and sometimes the jargon can be confusing because they have multiple names. Hi, […]

Sex differences show women do worse with Crohn’s disease

Women with Crohn’s disease are struggling with more complications and more hospitalisations than men, new research has found. According to […]

Diet affects sperm competitiveness

It’s well known that omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 LC-PUFA) can help to prevent heart disease but new research […]

How much time in the sun for healthy Vitamin D?

A world first QUT study aims to pinpoint the amount of time Queenslanders need to spend in the sun to achieve healthy […]

Mushroom compound with Vit E suppress prostate cancer tumours

Stopping Australia’s most commonly diagnosed cancer – prostate cancer – in its tracks is the goal of scientists around the […]

Caffeine helps cancer survivors reach exercise goals

Caffeine may improve exercise capacity and reduce fatigue in cancer survivors, a University of Queensland study has found. The study […]

Transition care helps older people return home after hospital stay

More than half of older people who received care as part of the Transition Care Program following a stay in […]