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Excessive Exercise Damages the Gut

A Monash University review of published studies has found that people who exercise excessively may be prone to acute or […]

6 ways men can take better care of their health

Men are less likely than women to see a doctor or other health provider, suggesting they care less about their […]

Combining sport with type 1 diabetes: Elite athlete Alex shares his experiences

Alex Kozeniauskas is not your average athlete. He has just cycled from Melbourne to the Barossa Valley in five days […]

Monitoring exercise for improved health and fitness

Griffith scientists have found exercise-response monitoring is crucial for maximising the safety and effectiveness of undertaking exercise. Published in SpringerPlus in […]

Modest Increases in Kids’ Physical Activity Could Avert Billions

Increasing the percentage of elementary school children in the United States who participate in 25 minutes of physical activity three […]

Resistance exercise for infection and injury

Having your healthcare professional prescribe you a dose of bench presses to ward off an infection or help heal an […]

Running can strengthen the discs in the spine

Victorian research published today in Scientific Reports is the first human study to show that any kind of physical activity is good […]

Impact of smoking and exercise

Charles Sturt University (CSU) research has provided new insight into the impacts of smoking and exercise on the brain and […]

Put your foot down on diabetes

The simple act of walking down stairs could help prevent diabetes, according to new research from Edith Cowan University. The […]

Active wear helps the drive to exercise

A Victoria University study into Australia’s booming ‘active wear’ market indicates that the very act of wearing colourful leggings and […]