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Generic Name: temazepam Product Name: Temtabs Indication: What Temtabs is used for Temtabs is used to treat sleeping problems, also […]


Generic Name: oxazepam Product Name: Murelax Indication: What Murelax is used for Murelax is used to treat: Anxiety; Tremor, confusion […]


Generic Name: dextropropoxyphene hydrochloride with paracetamol Product Name: Di-Gesic Indication: What Di-Gesic is used for Di-Gesic tablets contain dextropropoxyphene and […]


Generic Name: norfloxacin Product Name: Nufloxib Indication: What Nufloxib is used for Nufloxib is used to: Treat urinary tract infections; […]

Cosopt Eye Drops

Generic Name: dorzolamide hydrochloride/timolol maleate Product Name: Cosopt Eye Drops Indication: What Cosopt Eye Drops is used for Cosopt is […]


Generic Name: etanercept (rch) Product Name: Enbrel Indication: What Enbrel is used for Enbrel is used in the treatment of; […]

Amoxil Adult Preparations

Amoxil Adult Preparations (amoxicillin trihydrate) is used to treat a range of infections caused by bacteria such as pneumonia, tonsillitis, and sinusitis.

3TC Tablets

Generic Name: lamivudine Product Name: 3TC Tablets Indication: What 3TC Tablets are used for 3TC tablets contain lamivudine which belongs […]


Generic Name: risedronate sodium Product Name: Actonel Indication: What Actonel is used for Actonel is used to treat bone disease […]

Haldol Injection

Generic Name: haloperidol decanoate Product Name: Haldol Injection Indication: What Haldol Injection is used for Haldol is used to control […]