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Generic Name: Antithrombin III concentrate (human), for intravenous administration Product Name: Thrombotrol-VF Indication: What Thrombotrol-VF is used for This medicine […]

Azep Nasal Spray

Generic Name: azelastine hydrochloride Product Name: Azep Nasal Spray Indication: What Azep is used for Azep Nasal Spray is used […]


Generic Name: gliclazide Product Name: Glyade Indication: What Glyade is used for Glyade is used to control blood glucose (sugar) […]


Generic Name: raloxifene hydrochloride Product Name: Evista Indication: What Evista is used for Evista belongs to a group of non-hormonal […]
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Drug abuse (substance abuse)

Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of drug and substance abuse written by professional medical specialists.