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Generic Name: Pertussis Vaccine – Acellular Combined with Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids (Adsorbed) Product Name: Adacel Indication: What Adacel is […]


Generic Name: doxepin hydrochloride Product Name: Sinequan Indication: What Sinequan is used for Sinequan is used to treat depression. Your […]


Generic Name: enalapril maleate Product Name: Acetec Indication: What Acetec is used for Acetec lowers high blood pressure, which doctors […]

Eryc Capsules

Generic Name: erythromycin Product Name: Eryc Capsules Indication: What Eryc Capsules are used for This medicine is an antibiotic used […]


Generic Name: erythromycin as ethyl succinate Product Name: EES Indication: What EES is used for EES is used to: Treat […]


Generic Name: fentanyl Product Name: Sublimaze injection Indication: What Sublimaze injection is used for Sublimaze injection is used to provide […]


Generic Name: fluvoxamine maleate Product Name: Faverin Indication: What Faverin is used for Faverin belongs to a family of medicines […]


Generic Name: gliclazide Product Name: Glyade Indication: What Glyade is used for Glyade is used to control blood glucose (sugar) […]

H-B-Vax II

Generic Name: Hepatitis B vaccine Product Name: H-B-Vax II Indication: What H-B-Vax II is used for H-B-Vax II is a […]


Crixivan (indinavir sulfate) is an HIV protease inhibitor used with other medicines to help treat HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection.