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Generic Name: amphotericin lipid complex Product Name: Abelcet Indication: What Abelcet is used for Abelcet is used to help the […]

Salofalk Foam Enema

Generic Name: mesalazine Product Name: Salofalk Foam Enema Indication: What Salofalk Foam Enema is used for Salofalk foam enemas contain […]


Generic Name: bevacizumab (rch) Product Name: Avastin Indication: What Avastin is used for Avastin is used to treat: Brain tumours […]

Kytril Injection

Generic Name: granisetron Product Name: Kytril Injection Indication: What Kytril Injection is used for Kytril contains the active ingredient granisetron. […]


Generic Name: gabapentin Product Name: Nupentin; Nupentin Tabs Indication: What Nupentin is used for Nupentin is used to control epilepsy. […]


Generic Name: morphine sulfate Product Name: Sevredol Indication: What Sevredol is used for Sevredol tablets are used to treat chronic […]


Generic Name: metoclopramide hydrochloride/paracetamol Product Name: Anagraine Indication: What Anagraine is used for Anagraine is used for the relief of […]


Generic Name: epirubicin hydrochloride Product Name: Pharmorubicin Indication: What Pharmorubicin is used for Pharmorubicin is used in the treatment of […]


Generic Name: pemetrexed disodium Product Name: Alimta Indication: What Alimta is used for Alimta is used to treat: Mesothelioma, a […]


Generic Name: azathioprine Product Name: Azapin Indication: What Azapin is used for Azapin tablets are used to treat patients who […]