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Stupidity has to stop – Retain fluoridation of water supplies

The Australian Dental Association Inc. (ADA) is outraged and dismayed at governments’ lack of leadership to support the well-established scientific […]
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Gum disease may slow early AIDS treatment

Texas Biomed scientists have found that moderate gum disease in an animal model exposed to an AIDS-like virus had more […]
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Sweet drinks need tooth decay warning

Researchers from the University of Adelaide say any health warnings about soft drinks should include the risk of tooth decay, […]
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Quick detection of periodontitis pathogens

Twelve million Germans suffer from periodontitis, an inflammation that can lead to the loss of teeth if left untreated. A […]
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Men with erection problems are three times more likely to have inflamed gums

Men in their thirties who had inflamed gums caused by severe periodontal disease were three times more likely to suffer […]
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Fighter pilot technology being used in dentistry

The University of Western Australia’s School of Dentistry will be among the first in Australia to launch cutting-edge technology to […]
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Can your gums tell you if you will get arthritis?

Adelaide scientists have found that mice with gum disease develop worse arthritis.The scientists are using this knowledge to investigate whether […]
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Dental care an important part of holistic primary health care

AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, said today, that the Government’s Dental Health Reform package is a strong acknowledgement that dental […]

One step closer to regrowing a tooth

To build a tooth, a detailed recipe to instruct cells to differentiate towards proper lineages and form dental cells is […]

Cost biggest reason for avoiding the dentist

New research from the University of Adelaide shows that more than two-thirds of Australians who avoid going to the dentist […]