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Homeless most at risk of poor oral health

New research from The University of Queensland has highlighted poor oral health as one of the most detrimental, but least understood, […]

Bringing dental x-ray technology into the fast lane

Dental patients and practitioners could soon benefit from a faster and more user-friendly dental x-ray solution, thanks to Adelaide-based radiographer […]
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Advanced radiation therapy for head and neck cancer may be better than traditio…

Patients with head and neck cancer who are treated with an advanced form of radiation therapy may experience fewer side […]
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Poor oral health linked to cancer-causing oral HPV infection

Poor oral health, including gum disease and dental problems, was found to be associated with oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, […]
Avocado and coconut ice cream

Avocado and coconut ice cream

This raw food recipe for vegan icecream with avocado and coconut is not only vegan, it’s also sugar free and gluten free. But it’s rich, sweet, super creamy vegan dessert that is adaptable and easy.
Kale chips

Kale chips

These crispy homemade chips are packed with flavour and nutrients. It’s amazing that just by drying kale, a delicious leafy green, you end up with such a tasty and simply crafted snack.
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Gingival stem cells can be used in tissue regeneration

Today, the International and American Associations for Dental (IADR/AADR) published a paper titled “Gingivae Contain Neural-crest- and Mesoderm-derived Mesenchymal Stem […]
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Dental anaesthesia in children may halt wisdom teeth

Researchers from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine have discovered a statistical association between the injection of local dental anesthesia […]
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Drinking water fluoridation cuts tooth decay in adults

An international study conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide has resulted in the strongest evidence yet that fluoride […]
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Ancient teeth bacteria record disease evolution

DNA preserved in calcified bacteria on the teeth of ancient human skeletons has shed light on the health consequences of […]