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Nutrition for healthy teeth (dental health and food)

The main cause of tooth loss is tooth decay (dental caries), and one of the most significant factors in the start of tooth decay is what we eat. The diet we consume can also play a significant role in erosion of teeth as well as the development of defects in the tooth structure.
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Oral Mucositis and Quality of Life

Oral mucositis results in many symptoms that can influence a person's quality of life. Mucositis, a condition in which the mucous membranes of the mouth develop painful lesions, is caused by radiation or chemotherapy.
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Oral mucositis and nutrition

Mucositis can have a very severe impact on a patient's ability to eat and drink. Nutritional support is an essential component of cancer treatment and helps maintain body weight.
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Oral mucositis (OM)

Oral mucositis refers to an inflammatory, erosive, and/or ulcerative process inside the mouth, which is usually caused by radiation or chemotherapy.
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Oral mucosa

The oral mucosa is the "skin" inside the mouth, and it covers most of the oral cavity apart from the teeth. Its main purpose is to act as a barrier and protect the deeper tissues.
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Gelclair barrier device for mucositis

Gelclair is a medical device used to reduce pain in patients with oral mucositis or other conditions that cause damage to the mucous membranes of the mouth.

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Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

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Dental hygiene (proper brushing and flossing techniques)

Developing good dental hygiene is extremely important in fighting against dental problems such as dental caries, gum disease and halitosis, which are mostly the result of an accumulation of dental plaque and dental calculus