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Medications plus dental materials may equal infection for diabetic patients

People who live with diabetes on a daily basis are usually instructed to eat right, maintain regular physical activity, and […]

Preventing burns from electric dental handpieces

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning dental professionals about serious patient injuries caused by poorly maintained electric dental […]

Marijuana may cause gum disease

Heavy cannabis smoking has been identified as a major cause of gum disease in a study involving researchers from the […]
Happy family having roast chicken dinner at table

Nutrition for school children

Maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise is important for everyone, especially school-aged children. They need to eat a variety of foods from each food group. At the same time, they may face new challenges regarding food choices and habits.

Infection Outbreaks on Teeth can cause Hair Loss

There is a close relationship between infection outbreaks on teeth and the presence of alopecia areata or localized alopecia, a […]


Transcript Hello. My name is Dorothy Keefe. I’m a medical oncologist and the Clinical Director of the Royal Adelaide Hospital […]

Drug Trialling

  Video transcript Hi, I’m Roy Beran. I’m a Consultant Neurologist and Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of New […]

Virtual Medical Centre: Welcome

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Dental health for babies and young children

It is very important that children's primary teeth be looked after. Dental hygiene is important for preventing tooth decay, and shoud begin at birth.
Woman with tooth pain

Dental pain

Dental pain or toothache is defined as a physical condition, related to the teeth and surrounding structures, which may range from a mild sensation of discomfort to excruciationg agony.