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Dark Chocolate Brownies

Dark chocolate brownies

Easy chocolate brownies.
Woman eating chocolate

Chocolate and health

Chocolate is a sugary food, high in fat and energy, which should be consumed in moderation. The consumption of cocoa, which gives chocolate its flavour, has a long history including consumption for medicinal purposes.
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Dental Health in Children

Dental health measures should begin as soon as a baby’s teeth start to appear. A good dental hygiene routine in early childhood - including regular trips to a dentist- is important for the development of strong, cavity-free adult teeth. Learn how to keep kids teeth healthy.
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Effect of Nutrition on Dental Health from Two to Five Years of Age

Normally all baby teeth have come through by three years of age. Children approaching the 4-5 year age range generally have fewer feeding and nutritional problems but have an increased chance of dental decay.
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Dental Health and Nutrition During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there must be extra attention placed on good dental hygiene for the sake of the expecting mother, and also for the dental development of the foetus.

Effect of Nutrition on Dental Health from One to Two Years of Age

During the toddler years, most of the baby teeth come through into the mouth and there is a great development in the ability to eat, control over hands and fingers and what he/she eats.
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Effect of Nutrition on Dental Health from Birth to One Year of Age

Adequate nutrition is of great importance during the first year of life as even small occurrences of poor malnutrition may result in underdevelopment of tooth enamel and an increased risk of tooth decay.
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Diet over the festive season

The festive season is a time when we get together with family and friends, and often have more social gatherings than at other times of the year. Invariably getting together involves eating, and sometimes consuming excessive amounts of food or excessive amounts of unhealthy foods.
Stop smoking

New Year’s resolution: Quit smoking

Even though smoking carries serious health risks, a significant proportion of the population continues to smoke. Many smokers attempt to quit at some stage, and each year many choose quitting smoking as one of their New Year's Resolutions.
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How Smoking Affects the Mouth

Smoking plays a part in several diseases and lesions in the mouth, the most common being gum disease. The chance of dental implant failure is also more common among smokers than among non-smokers.