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Generic Name: Fludarabine phosphate Product Name: Fludara Indication Fludara is used in the treatment of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. It […]

Zoladex 3.6mg and 10.8 mg Implant

Generic Name: Goserelin acetate Product Name: Zoladex 3.6mg and 10.8 mg Implant Indication The 10.8mg Zoladex implant is used in […]

Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection USP (DBL)

Generic Name: Dexamethasone sodium phosphate Product Name: Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection USP (DBL) Indication Dexamethasone sodium phosphate is used for […]


Generic Name: cyproterone acetate Product Name: Androcur-100 Indication: What Androcur-100 is used for Androcur-100 is an anti-androgen medicine. Androgens such […]


CeeNU (lomustine) is a cytotoxic medicine used to treat brain cancer. It may also be used to treat another type of cancer called Hodgkin's disease.

Mitozantrone Injection

Generic Name: Mitozantrone Product Name: Mitozantrone Injection Indication Mitozantrone (also known as Mitoxantrone) is an anti-cancer (chemotherapy) medication used to […]


Generic Name: irinotecan hydrochloride Product Name: Camptosar Indication: What Camptosar is used for Camptosar is used to treat bowel cancer […]

Depo Provera

Generic Name: medroxyprogesterone acetate Product Name: Depo Provera Indication: What Depo Provera is used for There are several reasons why […]


Generic Name: Cyclophosphamide Product Name: Cycloblastin Indication Cycloblastin is a drug used to treat various cancerous diseases (breast and ovarian cancers, […]


Generic Name: Mitozantrone hydrochloride Product Name: Novantrone Indication Mitozantrone is indicated in the treatment of: metastatic breast cancer non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma […]