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Wigs for cancer hair loss: Bev

Transcript Hi, I’m Bev and I’m here to talk to you today about hair loss due to cancer. Over the […]

Staging of Skin (Cutaneous) Melanoma

Staging is a term used to define a simplified method of describing the extent of a cancer. The staging of your cancer is performed by your treating health professional, which may include an Oncologist (Doctor who specialises in cancer) if you need to be referred to one.

Treatment for melanoma: Dr Andrew Dean

Transcript Hello, I’m Dr Andrew Dean, a medical oncologist from Perth in Western Australia and I’d like to talk to […]

Melanoma prevention and skin checks: Dr Andrew Dean

Melanoma is the worst form of skin cancer and unfortunately we’re pretty prone to it here in Australia, due to the high ultraviolet exposure, our outdoor lifestyle and our genetic makeup which actually comes mainly from Northern Europe.
Broccoli, tomato, lettuce salad and slice of bacon on forks

Diet and nutrition during cancer: Dr Andrew Dean

Dr Andrew Dean, Director of the Cancer Editorial Advisory Board, talks about the importance and the intricacies of keeping a balanced diet […]

What is an Advanced Health Directive? Hope Alexander

Transcript What is an Advanced Health Directive? The Advanced Health Directive, the one we’re talking about, is in WA. Each state […]

Preparing for a good death: Hope Alexander

Transcript Preparing for a good death This is a quote from a GP from the Medical Observer magazine on the […]

Palliative care: Hope Alexander

Transcript What is palliative care? What does it involve? Palliative care is still part of the health and medical activity: […]

Skin checks and skin clinics

Coming into the summer months, it is a good idea to have your skin checked for any suspicious lesions that may lead to skin cancer. Ideally you should have any new lumps or spots looked at as soon as they appear.

Travelling with Cancer: Barry Martin

Barry Martin was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2007. He talks about his experiences with cancer and travelling overseas, and about […]