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Sodium Iodide Solution BP (Therapy)

Generic Name: Sodium iodide Product Name: Sodium Iodide Solution BP (Therapy) Indication Sodium iodide capsules are used for the treatment […]


Generic Name: Bleomycin sulfate Product Name: Blenoxane Indication Bleomycin can be used in combination with surgery or radiotherapy, or in […]

Tamoxifen Hexal

Generic Name: Tamoxifen citrate Product Name: Tamoxifen Hexal Indication Tamoxifen is used in the palliative treatment of breast cancer that […]

Uromitexan Injection

Generic Name: Mesna Product Name: Uromitexan Injection Indication UROMITEXAN Injection is a protective agent which is used to prevent damage […]


Alkeran (melphalan) belongs to a group of medicines called cytotoxics. It is used to treat some types of cancer and certain blood disorders.