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Discovery targets dormant bowel cancer cells before they form secondary tumours

An international research team, led by the University of Melbourne, have discovered a way to control the stem cell behaviour […]

Killer sea snail a target for new drugs

University of Queensland pain treatment researchers have discovered thousands of new peptide toxins hidden deep within the venom of just […]

Hormonal contraceptives and having children reduces uterine cancer risk for wom…

Taking hormonal contraceptives and having children are associated with a lower risk of uterine cancer for women with Lynch syndrome, […]

Key gene in deadly head and neck cancers revealed

Monash researchers have made the first real breakthrough in 50 years in understanding how cancers of the head and neck develop, […]

Ovarian cancer discovery

Research findings published recently in Nature and revealing new insights into the genetic mechanisms ovarian cancer employs to evade chemotherapy […]

Flinders vortex device makes for better cancer treatments

A South Australian invention, responsible for unboiling an egg, has been used to produce a four-fold increase in efficacy of […]

Only 1 in 10 Australians warned of medical over diagnosis risks by doctors

A national survey reveals that only one in ten Australians report being told about the risk of overdiagnosis by their […]

Bowel cancer caught too late among young Aussies

The majority of young Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer – the country’s second biggest cancer killer – are unaware about […]

New screening technique could pick up twice as many women with ovarian cancer

A new approach to ovarian cancer detection developed by UNSW Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs could lead to widespread screening for the disease that […]

Potential new target to prevent breast cancer relapse

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered an important factor in the development of breast cancer and its spread, which may […]