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Delivering diabetes education via television

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A team of Victorian researchers has created an innovative platform that will allow people with diabetes and their carers to access high quality, trusted health information in their home via their television.

The SeeCare IPTV platform delivers tailored video content to the user’s television screens via a broadband connection. The system which is in proof-of-concept stage, is an integration of the SeeCare support solution and Ericsson’s IPTV platform. Diabetes is a prevalent disease throughout the Australian community and people often need support to manage their health. SeeCare IPTV provides a healthcare information that can be tailored to the individual and their carers.

SeeCare Director, Gil Tidhar said, “The system helps people in need to coordinate support and care for themselves, and for others.”

“It enables the sharing of responsibility, support, and decision making with different professionals, as well as with family and friends.” he said.

“An appropriate level of health literacy is required to be actively involved in improving health and wellbeing. The SeeCare IPTV system demonstrates how diabetes educators can use SeeCare to deliver personalised education videos conveniently to people-in-need using their home television.”

Diabetes is a serious condition, which requires careful daily self-management. With an estimated 280 Australians developing diabetes each day, it is vital that timely and relevant information on diabetes is provided in a format that is easy to understand and meets individual needs.

Ken Clarke, Senior Researcher from the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society at the University of Melbourne said, “Often older people are more comfortable using familiar technology, such as a TV.”

“As we enter the Networked Society, we can expect to see virtually every device connected. So aside from smart phones, PC’s, and tablets, we will interact with many more devices, such as televisions for information, education, and healthcare.”

(Source: The Melbourne Newsroom)

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Posted On: 14 April, 2013
Modified On: 16 September, 2014


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