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Sitting not linked to incident diabetes

Sitting may not be as deadly as previously thought, with new research led by the University of Sydney ruling out […]

Symptoms of mitochondrial disease commonly misdiagnosed

At least 30 Australian children (1 in 200) born every week are at risk of developing some form of mitochondrial […]

Low testosterone thresholds established for Type 2 Diabetes

Research into Type 2 Diabetes conducted by Western Sydney University has for the first time established a range of clinical […]

Link between schizophrenia and sleep apnoea

New University of Adelaide research at the Lyell McEwin Hospital has shown that people with schizophrenia are 3.4 times more […]

Detecting diabetes’ deadly ketones

Electrical and information engineers created the device that measures ketones – chemicals produced in our liver when other forms of […]

Paleo side effects probed

Despite growing in popularity, the Paleo diet causes more negative side effects than traditional diets according to research from Edith […]

True impact of global diabetes epidemic vastly underestimated

A landmark paper led by Monash University with partners in the UK and US suggests there may be more than […]

Tackling Type 2 diabetes with fasting

Diabetes is the epidemic of the 21st century and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system with around 1.7 million […]

Abnormal thyroid function in newborns linked to poor reading and numeracy

Babies born with moderately high concentrations of thyroid stimulating hormone have a higher risk of poor educational and development outcomes […]


Generic Name: Cabazitaxel Product Name: Jevtana Indication What Jevtana is used for The name of your medicine is Jevtana. It […]