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Generic Name: Phentermine
Product Name: Duromine


Duromine is used to aid weight reduction in patients who are overweight or obese (BMI> > 30, or > 25 with increased morbidity risk). It is used in conjunction with a weight reduction regime (e.g. exercise and diet control).

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Enter your height and weight below to find out your BMI.
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The formula for calculating your body mass index is:
BMI = weight (kilograms) / (height (metres) * height (metres))

For example:
A man who weighs 85 kilograms and is 1.8 metres tall would have a BMI of
BMI = 85 / (1.8 * 1.8)
BMI = 85 / 3.24
BMI = 26.2

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Duromine contains phentermine as the active ingredient. Phentermine helps weight loss by causing suppression of appetite in the brain.

Dose advice

Duromine is only available via prescription from your doctor.

Your doctor will make a decision as to whether or not you are in need of this medication.

Dose information

  • The best time to take Duromine is first thing in the morning, as it can cause sleeplessness if taken at night.
  • It is important that you take the dose the doctor has recommended for you. Taking more than the recommended dose will increase the side effects you experience and may not increase the effect on weight loss.
  • While taking this medication, your ability to drive or operate machinery may be affected. Take caution.


  • May increase the effects of alcohol. Avoid alcohol while taking this medication.


  • It is also important that you tell your doctor if you have any heart conditions, stomach ulcers, or other medical conditions so that your doctor can discuss the risks and benefits of using this medication.


Duromine is an ADEC category B3 drug. It is important you notify your doctor if you are planning to become or are currently pregnant, as a more suitable medication may be available.


It is important you notify your doctor if you are planning to be or are currently breastfeeding, as a more suitable medication may be available.


Duromine is Schedule 4.2

Common side effects

All medicines have side effects. Some side effects can be serious, but the most common ones are mild. Usually the benefits of taking a medication outweigh the associated side effects. Your doctor would have considered these side effects before starting you on Duromine.

Common side effects are those that occur in more than 1% of patients prescribed Duromine. These include:

If you find yourself being short of breath, loosing weight rapidly, fainting or unable to be as active as before, contact your doctor.

Uncommon side effects

Side effects which occur in less than 1% of patients given Duromine are considered uncommon. Patients do not necessarily experience any of these side effects, so do not become alarmed by this list:

If you experience any of the listed side effects, or any other symptoms which appear abnormal or unusual, please tell your doctor.


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For further information talk to your doctor.

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