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Ebola virus found in the eye fluid of recovered survivor

A leading Flinders University ophthalmology researcher has co-authored a case study which found that live Ebola virus was present in […]

Bright Eyes eye drops

Consumers are advised not to purchase Bright Eyes products being offered for sale on the internet. Overseas-based websites are selling […]

Anorexia study reveals abnormal eye movements

For the first time, Australian researchers have studied the eye movements of anorexia patients and discovered an unusual biomarker that […]

The Blinding Reality of Diabetic Retinopathy

It’s a little known fact: People living with diabetes are at significant risk of going blind – even if they […]

Collaboration improves glaucoma diagnosis

Close collaboration between eye care professionals improves diagnosis of the blinding eye disease glaucoma and reduces unnecessary and costly referrals […]

Age-related vision loss and driving performance

Older drivers with age-related vision loss will be the focus of a new QUT study designed to test their on-the-road performance. Professor […]

New marker for glaucoma

A person’s chance of developing glaucoma – the leading cause of blindness worldwide – could now be easier to predict […]

Australia first e-learning package for Indigenous eye health

The first Australian free online training resources on eye health and diabetes was launched today in Alice Springs. Developed by […]

A cup of coffee a day may keep retinal damage away

Coffee drinkers, rejoice! Aside from java’s energy jolt, food scientists say you may reap another health benefit from a daily […]

Optoswitches turn pain off and sight on

Photoreactive compounds developed by LMU scientists directly modulate nerve-cell function, and open new routes to the treatment of neurological diseases, […]