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Cure for macular degeneration is in sight

Most of us walk through life never having to think about the fact that we can see clearly. But for […]

Exciting collaboration looks to the future of eye health

ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES), headquartered at UOW’s Innovation Campus is joining forces with the Lions NSW […]

Towards a portable test for tiredness

Saliva or blood tests may one day be used to detect when we’re too tired to drive or think clearly […]

Stop abusing your eyes: Put down that screen & get outside

Is our tech-laden modern world wearing out your eyes? QUT eye health researcher and optometrist Associate Professor Scott Read says […]

How our eyes process visual cues

The mystery of how human eyes compute the direction of moving light has been made clearer by scientists at The […]

Saving preterm babies’ lives

The Australian leg of a worldwide Perinatal trial has pinpointed the optimal level of blood oxygen saturation for preterm babies […]

Guide dogs offer much more than mobility

Impact of a guide dog extends far beyond its ability to guide its handler Benefits include promoting social participation, managing […]

Can we combat age-related macular degeneration through our diet?

People living with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who eat the right types and amounts of certain foods may actually slow the […]

Revolutionary device will show the way forward for the blind

Daily life for blind and vision-impaired people will be dramatically improved following the development by University of Melbourne researchers of […]

Over-the-counter laser pointers a threat to eyesight

Laser pointers bought legally for less than $30 are a threat to eyesight – with one pointer found to be […]