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Tumour-trained T cells go on patrol

In cancer, immune cells infiltrate tumours – but it hasn’t been known which immune cells exit the tumour or where they […]

Exercise to target tumours

Edith Cowan University researchers are investigating if the growth of cancerous metastatic bone tumours can be slowed by providing targeted […]

Tissue bank pays dividends for brain cancer research

Checking what’s in the bank – the Brisbane Breast Bank, that is – has paid dividends for UQ cancer researchers. […]


Generic Name: bevacizumab (rch) Product Name: Avastin Indication: What Avastin is used for Avastin is used to treat: Brain tumours […]


Generic Name: trastuzumab (rch) Product Name: Herceptin Indication: What Herceptin is used for Herceptin is used to treat breast and […]


Generic Name: irinotecan hydrochloride Product Name: Camptosar Indication: What Camptosar is used for Camptosar is used to treat bowel cancer […]


Generic Name: Imatinib mesylate Product Name: Glivec Indication Glivec is used in the treatment of: Patients in chronic or accelerated […]


Generic Name: Samarium-153 Ethylenediaminetetramethylene Phosphate (EDTMP) Product Name: Quadramet Indication Quadramet is used for the relief of bone pain caused […]


Generic Name: Aspirin Product Name: Disprin Indication Aspirin is used for: Relief of pain of mild to moderate severity Relief […]

Herron Aspirin

Generic Name: Aspirin Product Name: Herron Aspirin Indication Aspirin is used for: Relief of pain of mild to moderate severity […]