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Generic Name: clindamycin (as phosphate); tretinoin Product Name: Acnatac Topical Gel Indication: What Acnatac is used for Acnatac is used […]


Generic Name: amlodipine besilate and atorvastatin calcium Product Name: Cadatin Indication: What Cadatin is used for Cadatin is used to […]

Atorvastatin Pfizer

Generic Name: atorvastatin calcium Product Name: Atorvastatin Pfizer Indication: What Atorvastatin Pfizer is used for Atorvastatin Pfizer is used to […]


Generic Name: bromazepam Product Name: Lexotan Indication: What Lexotan is used for Lexotan contains the active ingredient bromazepam. Lexotan belongs […]

Virus inspires new way to deliver cancer drugs

Drugs disguised as viruses are providing new weapons in the battle against cancer, promising greater accuracy and fewer side effects […]

Unearthing immune responses to common drugs

Australian researchers, including a team from Monash University, are a step closer to understanding immune sensitivities to well-known, and commonly […]


Generic Name: Nivolumab Product Name: Opdivo Indication What is Opdivo used for Opdivo is used to treat advanced melanoma in […]

Epirubicin ACT

Generic Name: Epirubicin hydrochloride Product Name: Epirubicin ACT Indication This medicine is used to treat the following types of cancer: […]

Study of media’s impact on statin use wins national award

A study that found Australians changed their use of statin medications after an ABC TV Catalyst program questioned their effectiveness has won a […]

Redesigning molecules for cancer drugs

RMIT researchers have unlocked a powerful new clue in the search for better cancer treatments, designing a cancer-fighting molecule that […]