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plane travel

Travel ‘superbugs’ add infection risk to common procedures

Travellers exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria may force a change to common medical procedures that rely on effective antibiotics, say researchers […]

Bacteria research opens way for new antibiotics

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a target for the development of completely new antibiotics against disease-causing bacteria. Published online […]

Pregnant Women with Asthma Need to Curb Urge to ask for Antibiotics

Getting sick when you’re pregnant is especially difficult, but women whose children are at risk for developing asthma should avoid […]

Facing a post-antibiotic world

It’s official. Humanity is racing towards a post-antibiotic era, a time when today’s life-saving drugs won’t successfully treat common infectious […]

Managing vaginal dryness: Interview with an expert

Interview with Dr Joe Kosterich MBBS, General Practitioner and Editorial Advisory Board Member of the Virtual Medical Centre and Parenthub.

Wound care: Dr Joe Kosterich

On any given day some of us are going to scratch, cut or graze ourselves somehow. It’s pretty much just […]
sick girl in bed getting cough medication

Whooping cough: Dr Joe

Transcript Whooping cough is one of those childhood illnesses that we don’t see as much of as we used to, […]

Tonsillitis (Video)

Transcript It may come as a surprise but tonsillitis is actually one of the less common causes of sore throat. […]


Generic Name: amphotericin lipid complex Product Name: Abelcet Indication: What Abelcet is used for Abelcet is used to help the […]


Generic Name: norfloxacin Product Name: Nufloxib Indication: What Nufloxib is used for Nufloxib is used to: Treat urinary tract infections; […]