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New class of antibiotics gives hope for treating multi-drug resistant bacteria

The rapid spread of multidrug-resistant bacteria is a global health emergency, and in the absence of new drugs it is […]

Common antibiotic slays superbug

Researchers involved in an international trial tweaking the use of existing antibiotics believe their work could eventually save 30,000 lives annually. […]

New defence against ‘superbug’ infection

Tiny implanted 3-D printed scaffolds infused with antibiotics could revolutionise the way doctors prevent deadly ‘superbug’ infections post-surgery, saving lives […]

An inside look at probiotics: Israel

Do probiotics facilitate the recolonisation of gut bacteria? A new study suggests the answer is not so simple. Every day, […]

New approach needed in the fight against superbugs

An international research team, led by Professor Peter Collignon from The Australian National University (ANU) Medical School, has found we […]

Keeping our aged citizens safe from ‘superbug’ attacks

Failing to contain ‘superbugs’ across nursing homes can have serious consequences, as the elderly population of nursing homes have a […]

Overuse of antibiotics not what the doctor ordered

With increased use of antibiotics worldwide linked to growing antibiotic resistance, a world-first study co-authored by a QUT researcher has […]

Whose job is it to reduce the rise of superbugs? Clinicians can’t agree

Australia’s doctors, dentists and veterinarians can’t agree whose job it is to reduce the rise of antimicrobial resistance, a first-ever […]


Generic Name: fosfomycin trometamol Product Name: Monurol Indication: What Monurol is used for Monurol is only used to treat uncomplicated […]


Generic Name: cefepime (as hydrochloride) Product Name: Cefepime Alphapharm Indication: What cefepime is used for Cefepime Alphapharm is an injectable antibiotic […]