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Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA)

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About ASCA

ASCA is an Australian national charity which advances the health and wellbeing of people and communities affected by child abuse, for this and future generations.

There are an estimated 4-5 million adult survivors of childhood trauma in Australia.

Childhood trauma includes all forms of abuse (emotional, sexual and physical) as well as neglect, family and community violence and other adverse childhood experiences e.g. living with a parent with a mental illness, who abuses substances, separation and loss.

Trauma which is interpersonal i.e. perpetrated one person on another and occurs during a child’s crucial developmental years can be characterised as complex trauma.

ASCA provides professional support, education and training programs, for survivors of complex trauma, and those who support them, both within the community and professionally. It also advocates nationally for a trauma informed approach to care and for the often complex needs of trauma survivors to be better met.

Every year on Blue Knot Day, ASCA asks all Australians to unite in support of adult survivors of childhood trauma.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A world without child abuse.

Our Mission

To advance the wellbeing of people and communities affected by child abuse.

ASCA’s Long-Term Strategy

To ensure that all Australian adult survivors of all forms of child abuse and neglect will be able to access the specific services they need to ensure health, well-being and meaningful engagement in their communities.

Programs and Services

ASCA provides:

  • Professional support line: 1300 657 380 – offers short term phone counselling support from trauma therapists to survivors, supporters and health professionals as well as referrals
  • Education and training workshops – psycho-educational workshops for survivors, as well as training workshops for community workers and health professionals, both as scheduled and in-house on request
  • Resources – website and monthly newsletter – Breaking free as well as quarterly e-health for health professionals.

ASCA advocates for:

  • Public health response to the trauma of child abuse and neglect (complex trauma)
  • Complex trauma services
  • A trauma informed approach to care in all systems and services.


Statement for ASCA

Statement from Professor Raphael >more


Contact Details

For further information visit or phone: (02) 8920 3611


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Posted On: 11 July, 2012
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