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Transition to new PBS-listed DUROGESIC D-Trans Matrix formulation

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From 1 April 2006 a new Durogesic (fentanyl transdermal patches) D-Trans Matrix patch formulation will be available on the PBS, under the current listing, for the management of chronic cancer pain.

This new Durogesic D-Trans Matrix formulation will be listed alongside the original reservoir patches and provide the full dosage range of Durogesic 25, Durogesic 50, Durogesic 75 and Durogesic 100. Note Durogesic 12 is already available on the PBS in the matrix formulation only.

The transition to the new D-Trans matrix formulation is set to offer patients greater comfort. The matrix patches are thinner and more flexible1,2 and provide improved adhesion properties than the current reservoir formulation.2 A recent published trial in Europe indicates greater patient satisfaction with Durogesic D-Trans matrix compared to the reservoir patches.3

Original Durogesic reservoir patches will be removed from the PBS on 1 August 2006. This will allow for a gradual transition to the new D-Trans matrix formulation to take place as the original reservoir patch formulation stocks are utilised.

Durogesic PBS Information: Restricted Benefit. Chronic severe disabling pain which is associated with proven malignant neoplasia and which is unresponsive to non-narcotic analgesics.

The TGA has determined that the two patch formulations are bioequivalent. State and Territory Authorities have no objection to the two formulations being interchanged.

It is important to note that while both Durogesic patches (reservoir and the new matrix formulation) provide the same fentanyl delivery rate within product range, the new matrix patches contain more fentanyl than the original reservoir formulation. It is therefore extremely important Durogesic patches are prescribed and dispensed noting the fentanyl delivery rate per hour versus fentanyl content.

  • Durogesic 12 (fentanyl transdermal patches 12 mcg/h) (only available in the matrix formulation)
  • Durogesic 25 (fentanyl transdermal patches 25 mcg/h)
  • Durogesic 50 (fentanyl transdermal patches 50 mcg/h)
  • Durogesic 75 (fentanyl transdermal patches 75 mcg/h)
  • Durogesic 100 (fentanyl transdermal patches 100 mcg/h)  

Patients should be made aware of the changes to their patch and encouraged to remain with their preferred pharmacy for the dispensing of Durogesic to ensure they have consistency and support during this transition period.

For further information on Durogesic, please contact 1300 369 949.

Disposal of the Patch


Fold used patches so that the adhesive side of the patch adheres to itself then wrap and dispose of carefully. Unused patches should be returned to the pharmacy. In medical institutions, the usual opioid disposal arrangements should be utilised.


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Posted On: 13 June, 2006
Modified On: 16 January, 2014


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