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The use of celebrity endorsements by Nicole Kidman and others needs a rethink in light of a Therapeutic Goods Administration decision to ban a Swisse appetite suppressant after finding the scientific evidence does not support the product claims, says CHF CEO Carol Bennett.

“We congratulate the TGA for its firm action on this issue. The market is being flooded with these heavily-promoted but lightly-proven products,” Ms Bennett said.

“Often because they are sold in pharmacies, consumers may have the mistaken impression that, like mainstream medicines, they have therapeutic worth. The reality is that for most people their hardearned cash could be better spent elsewhere”.

“The industry has deployed a number of movie and sports stars to spruik their products in the media”.

“While they might believe these products do what they claim to do, there is little or no independent medical evidence to support them.
“Many products being promoted by prominent people including Nicole Kidman, Lleyton Hewitt, Ricky Ponting and even the Wallabies rugby team, for most provide no more benefit than a wholesome diet would.

“But buyer beware! These companies’ use of VIPs may add to their profits but provide little value for money.

“Celebrities’ fame carries responsibilities. Just as they do not like the public and the media prying into their personal lives, they should be mindful of the way their personal endorsement of a product may directly influence the lives of thousands in negative ways, such as paying $20 for a largely worthless product when they could be using that money to buy nutritious food.”

(Source: Consumers Health Forum of Australia)

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Posted On: 14 May, 2013
Modified On: 16 January, 2014

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