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Harvest of Autologous Peripheral Blood Stem Cells Using Ifosfamide / Etoposide Regimen Combined with Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor- ASH Study

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The American Society of Haematology (ASH) had its annual meeting earlier this month. Haematologists from around the world gathered at the San Diego Convention Centre to provide a forum for discussing critical issues in haematology. Nearly 20,000 clinicians, scientists, and others attended the four-day meeting, which consisted of an educational program and cutting-edge scientific sessions. The following was one of the presentations given at the meeting.

The aim of this study was to make clear the feasibility of Ifosfamide / Etoposide (IE) regimen combined with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) for the collection of autologous peripheral blood stem cells (APBSC). Researchers evaluated the number of the collected CD34 positive cells, and the regimen-related toxicities.19 Patients (male 12, female 7) were received APBSC harvest in our hospitals during Aug. 2000 to Dec. 2003 with age of 54.3 years on average (30-66). Diagnoses were included HD (n=2), NHL (n=13), MM (n=3), and malignant synovioma (n=1). IE regimen was included with Ifomide 2000 mg/m2 (day 1), and Etoposide 200 mg/m2 (day 1-3) (4cases) or 500 mg/m2 (day 1,2) (15 cases). For the prevention of hemorrhagic cystitis patients were administered with Mesna, and NaHCO3 during and after 1 day of the administration of Ifosfamide. G-CSF was administered at the dose of 10 ug/kg (lenograstim) or 300 ug/m2 (filgrastim) when blood absolute neutrophil count came down to 1000/mm3. When the suppression of bone marrow was recovered and blood WBC count came up to 5000/m3, CD34-positive cells were counted in blood, and APBSC was harvested when blood CD34-positive cells were determined above 0.1 %. APBSC was harvested with CS-3000 plus (Fenwall).The median duration from the start of the administration of G-CSF to the finish of APBSC harvest was 6.5 days (4-11). The median number of CD34-positive cells of the harvested was 4.32 x 106/kg (1.10-13.50). All cases were harvested. The toxicities during from the conditioning to the harvest were included with grade 1 headache (2 cases), grade 2 nausea (6 cases), grade 1 bleeding (1 case), grade 1 constipation (1 case), grade 1 fever (1 case), and grade 1 thrombocytopenia (1 case).Researchers concluded that the IE regimen combined with G-CSF was feasible to harvest APBSC on the yield of the collection of the transplantable stem cells, and on the regimen-related toxicities.(Source: American Society of Haematology (ASH): Blood, Volume 104, issue 11, November 16, 2004.)

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Posted On: 17 December, 2004
Modified On: 16 January, 2014


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