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Beauty and Health

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Video: Skin

Dr Joe videoThe biggest organ in the body is skin. How do we keep it looking good, young and healthy? Dr Joe Kosterich talks about the functions of skin and how to look after your skin.

Watch the video Skin.

How smoking affects skin health

Smoking and your skinIn many cases, changes to skin due to smoking are not life threatening, though they can change the physical appearance of the smoker. For example, smoking is associated with premature ageing, wrinkles, dry skin and skin discolouration. Smoking is also associated with very serious skin conditions, including skin cancer and psoriasis.

For more information, see the Effect of Smoking on Skin Health.

Taking care of your skin in winter

Winter skin careDuring the winter months our skin is subject to the damaging and drying effects of cold, windy weather and the low humidity of dry indoor heating. Our efforts to stay warm with long, hot showers and internal heating tend to suck the moisture from our body, leaving skin dry, itchy and prone to cracking.

For more information, see Looking After Your Skin in Winter.

Cosmetics and eye health

CosmeticsFacial cosmetics and cleansers can come into contact with the eye’s surface. As many cosmetics contain chemicals and their applicators can house unseen dirt and bacteria, exposure of the eyes’ surface to cosmetics and cosmetic applicators can cause eye disorders.

For more information, see Eye Health: Choosing and Using Cosmetics.

Eating for healthy skin

Food for skinMany people are concerned with not only their general health, but the health of their skin as well. Getting the best nutrition you can is essential for maintaining healthy skin. Indeed, though it is impossible to prevent the process of ageing skin, good nutrition can help maintain an attractive complexion.

For more information, see Nutrition for Healthy Skin.


ScarsInjured skin cannot regenerate. Instead, the damaged tissue is replaced with scar tissue. The formation of a scar is a normal part of the healing process. True scarring, where significant amounts of fibrous tissue are laid down to heal a wound, will never completely go away, although the appearance of scars usually improves over time.

For more information, see Scars.

Anatomy of nails

NailsOur nails are made up of keratinised cells. These cells make up the nail plate, which is the structure that covers the nail bed and the matrix underneath it. The nail plate curves slightly, which allows it to embed in the nail folds in the fingers. This is more marked in toe nails than in fingernails to provide additional strength to the foot.

For more information, see Anatomy of Nails.

Video: Hair loss

Dr Joe videoHair is one of those things that seems to stress people quite a lot, with concerns of too much or not enough hair, or hair in the wrong places. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about hair loss, including differences between men and women, hair loss with age, the effect of testosterone on hair, other causes of hair loss, and what we can do about hair loss.

Watch the video Hair Loss.


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Posted On: 22 February, 2010
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