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Psoriasis overview

eczema skin on neck
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Skin pictureHuman skin is considered to be the largest organ of the body. The thickness of the skin varies throughout the body. It depends on how much use we make of that area. The skin is a multifunctional organ. It is divided into two main layers, the dermis and epidermis.

For more information, see Skin.



Psoriasis picturePsoriasis is a common, chronic (persists for a long period of time) skin condition. People who suffer from psoriasis develop red, scaly patches that can also be itchy. White or silvery scales can also form over these patches, which is quite characteristic of psoriasis.

For more information, see Psoriasis.


Psoriasis subtypes

Psoriasis pictureIt is well established that there are different types of psoriasis with psoriasis vulgaris being the most common form. Other subtypes include flexural psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, generalised pustular psoriasis, palmoplantar psoriasis in addition to psoriasis that involves certain body sites including the scalp and nails.

For more information, see Psoriasis Subtypes.


Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriasis picturePsoriatic arthritis is a chronic (long lasting) autoimmune disease that affects the joints in association with skin or nail changes as seen in psoriasis. The cause of psoriatic arthritis has not yet been established. Genetic influences, environmental and immunological factors are all thought to be involved.

For more information, see Psoriatic Arthritis.


Treating psoriasis

Treatment options for psoriasis

Psoriasis pictureYour treating doctor will decide how to treat your psoriasis based on your age, your type of psoriasis, the site and extent of skin involvement, any previous treatment you may have had and any other medical problems you may have.

For more information, see Treatment Options for Psoriasis.


Living with psoriasis


Dr Joe: How to deal with psoriasis

Psoriasis pictureThe skin is actually the largest organ of the human body, and performs a number of functions. The main thing we tend to think about with the skin, though, is its appearance, and particularly things that affect the skin to impact on its appearance. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about psoriasis, including what it looks like, what causes it and what to do about it.

For more information, see Dr Joe: How to deal with psoriasis.


Patient experience: Alison shares her experience with psoriasis

Psoriasis picturePeople suffering from psoriasis do so in varying degrees of severity but nearly all cases are quite manageable. We spoke to Alison about her first-hand experience with a mild case of psoriasis that shows up mainly on her scalp and find out how she manages to keep it under control.

For more information, see Psoriasis: How Alison manages her flaking scalp.

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Posted On: 31 July, 2012
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