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Aussie men share their prostate cancer experiences

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Getting tested for prostate cancer: digital exam, blood test and prostate biopsy

  • Blood testing for prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Digital rectal examination and biopsy
  • Importance of regular prostate cancer tests

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Prostate Cancer: Bernard’s Journey

  • Coping with the shock of a cancer diagnosis
  • Getting treatment and managing the side effects
  • Life after prostate cancer therapy

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Exercising for better health in prostate cancer therapy

  • Deciding to exercise after a long break
  • Establishing an exercise routine with professional support
  • Finding social support during group exercise

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Friends Having Lunch Together At A Restaurant

Prostate cancer treatment side effects – Three guys find ways to cope and beat cancer

  • Side effects of hormone suppression and other anti-prostate cancer therapies
  • Coping with low sex drive, hair loss and other symptoms
  • Importance of communication and exercise

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Sexual changes during and after prostate cancer therapy

  • Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and other sexual changes
  • Strategies for coping with sexual changes
  • Maintaining intimacy throughout sexual changes

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Posted On: 6 December, 2016
Modified On: 11 January, 2017


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