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Mental Health – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Nick De Felice
Institution:Perth Clinic
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Qualifications:MBBS FRANZCP


Name:Dr Heinz Albrecht
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital QLD
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Qualifications:DipMentH, MD
Name:Dr Michelle Atchinson
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Robert Athey
Name:Dr Chris Blackwell
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr George Blair-West
Job Title:Psychiatrist Director and Spokesperson Obesity Prevention and Treatment Society
Name:Dr Pia Brous
Name:David Chapman
Institution:Top End mental health service
Name:Penelope Coombes
Name:Vicki Degotardi
Name:Dr J Fellows-Smith
Name:Dr Philippa Frances
Institution:Austin Health, Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, Repatriation Hospital, Vic
Name:Chris Gale
Institution:Dept Psychological Medicine Otago
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Roger Goucke
Institution:Hollywood Specialist Centre
Job Title:Consultant in Pain Medicine
Name:Dr Sigrun Gutjahr
Institution:The Lakeside Rooms QLD
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Balram Iyer
Institution:Iyer Clinic NSW
Name:Dr Slav Kostov
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Qualifications:FRANZCP, FPMANZCA
Name:Dr Warwick Lloyd
Institution:Pain Management Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Boon Loke
Name:Dr Petros Markou
Institution:Clinic One QLD
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Peter Melvill-Smith
Institution:Specialist Medical Centre, Joondalup Health Campus, WA
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Ian Munt
Institution:Townsville CYMHS
Name:Dr FKF Ng
Name:Dr Philip O’Rourke
Institution:Mount Isa Base Hospital QLD
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Qualifications:FRANZCP, BA, MBBS, BTh
Name:Dr Kenneth Orr
Name:Dr Irwin Pakula
Name:Dr Jan Resnick
Institution:Amygdala Consulting, Claremont Medical Centre
Job Title:Psychotherapist
Qualifications:Phd Psychology (Psychoanalysis & Psychotherapy)
Name:Tony Richardson
Institution:St Vincents Hospital NSW
Name:Dr Barry Rowe
Name:Dr Sanjeen Sharma
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital
Name:Norman Shum
Institution:Mencius Medical Pty Ltd
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Qualifications:BSc (Cant) MB ChB (Otago) MRANZCP FRANZCP Dip Clin Hypn
Name:Dr Z Srna
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Hans Stampfer
Institution:University Department of Psychiatry, Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre WA
Job Title:Uni. Dept. Psychiatry
Name:Dr Paul Thiering
Job Title:Psychiatrist
Name:Dr Alston Unwin
Institution:The Conolly Clinic QLD
Name:Dr Megan Varlow
Institution:Pain Management Unit, St George’s Hospital NSW
Job Title:Health Psychologist
Name:Dr Dulcie Veltman
Institution:Niola Private Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Venu Venogopalan
Name:Dr Ian Wilson
Name:Dr Raymond Chong Wu
Institution:Perth Clinic Medical Consulting Suites, WA University of Western Australia
Job Title:Consultant Psychiatrist Clinical Lecturer


Name:Kees Nydam
Institution:Bundaberg Base Hospital

Research Scientists

Name:Prof Mark Creamer
Institution:Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health
Name:Dr John Higgins-Biddle
Institution:University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Job Title:Community Medicine, Assistant Professor
Name:Ms Lisa Karlov
Institution:University of Sydney, School of Psychology
Job Title:Research Scientist and psychologist
Qualifications:B.Psych(Hons), candidate for DCP/PhD


Name:Dr Marlies E Alvarenga
Institution:Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute Cardiovascular Neurosciences Division
Job Title:Research Clinical Psychologist
Name:Ms Amanda Lucas
Institution:Capital Rehabilitation and Pain Management
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Ms Kathryn Nicholson Perry
Institution:University of Sydney Pain Mgt & Research Cntre
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist
Name:Dr Jan Parr
Job Title:Psychologist
Name:Mrs Cathy Trotter
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist – Multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Unit
Qualifications:BBehSc(Hons), MClinPsych, MAPS
Name:Ms Dale Tyler
Institution:Self-Management Health Consultancy VIC
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist

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Posted On: 22 October, 2013
Modified On: 13 June, 2017

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