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Lungs / Breathing – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Peter Bremner
Institution:Mount Medical Centre
Job Title:Respiratory Specialist
Qualifications:FRACP MD MBChB FACCP


Name:A/Prof David Barnes
Institution:RPAH Medical Centre
Qualifications:MBBS (Hons) FRAZP, FCCP
Name:Dr Lutz Beckert
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Dr Peter Black
Institution:Department of Medicine, University of Auckland NZ
Qualifications:MB ChB, FRACP
Name:Dr Jeff Bowden
Institution:Respiratory Unit, Department of Medicine, Flinders Medical Centre
Name:Dr Geoff Bryant
Name:Dr Jonathon Burdon
Institution:Mercy Private Hospital Consulting Suites
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FCCP, FACLM, Grad Dip Health and Med Law
Name:Dr Colin Chia
Name:Dr Sunalene Devadason
Institution:University Department of Pediatrics, Princess Margaret Hospital WA
Qualifications:BSc (Hon), PhD
Name:Prof Peter Frith
Institution:Respiratory Department, Repatriation General Hospital, SA
Qualifications:MB BS FRACP
Name:Dr Eli Gabbay
Institution:Virtual Medical Centre, WA
Name:Dr Hugh Greville
Institution:Chest Clinic, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Qualifications:MBBS BMed Sci FRACP
Name:Dr David Hart
Job Title:Respiratory Physician
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP GDipHML
Name:Dr Mark Hurwitz
Institution:The Canberra Hospital
Job Title:Thoracic Physician
Qualifications:MBBS FCP FCCP FRACP
Name:A/Prof Lou Irving
Institution:Royal Melbourne Hospital, Department Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
Name:Dr Fiona Kermeen
Institution:The Prince Charles Hospital
Name:Prof Peter Le Souef
Institution:University Department of Pediatrics, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children WA
Qualifications:MBBS(WA) MD MRCP(UK) FRACP
Name:Dr Tim McDonald
Institution:The Canberra Hospital
Job Title:Paediactrician
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP
Name:Dr Gregory Bruce McGrath
Institution:Intensive Care Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Prof Craig Mellis
Institution:Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney Central Clinical School, NSW
Job Title:Associate Dean
Qualifications:MBBS, MPH, MB, FRACP
Name:A/Prof Steven Mutsaers
Institution:Asthma & Allergy Research Unit, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Qualifications:BSc Hons., PhD
Name:Dr Philip Pattemore
Institution:Department of Pediatrics, Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Dr Martin Philips
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital WA
Job Title:Dept of Reciprocal Medicine
Name:Dr Tracey Robinson
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Westmead Hospital, NSW
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Name:Prof Richard Ruffin
Institution:Department of Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus, SA
Qualifications:BSc Hons I, MBBS Hons IIA, MD, FRACP
Name:Dr Linda Schachter
Institution:Sleep Services Australia
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Dr Susanne Schmitt
Institution:Nervey Bay Hospital
Name:Dr Graham Simpson
Institution:Flecker House, QLD
Job Title:Thoracic and General Physician
Qualifications:BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRACP
Name:Dr Greg Smith
Institution:Children Youth and Womens Health Service Dept of Pulmonary Medicine
Job Title:Paediactric Respiratory Physician and allergist
Qualifications:MBBS Dobst FRACP MACP FCCP
Name:Dr Quentin Summers
Institution:Suite 27, Level 2, Mount Medical Centre, WA
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, DM
Name:Dr Richard Tarala
Institution:Respiratory Unit, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Job Title:Respiratory Physician
Qualifications:B.Sc., M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P.E., F.R.A.C.P.,F.C.C.P., D.Med.Ed.
Name:A/Prof Frank Thien
Institution:Department of Allergy Immunology and Respiratory Medicine, Alfred Hospital, VIC
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FCCP
Name:Dr Ravindranath Tiruvoipati
Institution:Frankston Hospital
Job Title:Dept of Respiratory
Name:Prof John Upham
Institution:Department of Respiratory Medicine, Princess Alexandra Hospital QLD
Qualifications:MBBS FRACP PhD FAAAAI
Name:Julian Vyas
Institution:Starship Childrens Hospital
Job Title:Respiratory Paediatrician
Name:Dr Grant Waterer
Institution:Virtual Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Co-Medical Director
Name:Dr Frank Yan
Institution:St George Hospital/ Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Unit
Job Title:Allergy, Respiratory and Sleep Physician
Qualifications:B.Sc (Med) MBBS FRACP
Name:A/Prof Iven Young
Institution:Dept of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Qualifications:BSc(MED), MBBS, PhD, FRACP


Name:Cherie Franks
Institution:The Prince Charles
Name:Ms Janet Williams
Institution:The Alfred/ Lung Helath Promotion Centre
Job Title:Registered Nurse

Research Scientists

Name:Danny Brazzale
Institution:Austin Hospital
Name:Mr Chris Bunney
Institution:Home Sleep Studies Australia
Job Title:Sleep Scientist
Qualifications:BAppSc MApp Fin
Name:Derek Figurski
Institution:Canberra Hospital, Thoracic Medicine Department
Job Title:Respiratory Scientist
Name:Dr Kevin Gain
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine
Job Title:Chief Pulmonary Physiologist
Qualifications:PhD, CRFS
Name:Mr Luke Garratt
Institution:Institute for Child Health
Job Title:Researcher
Name:Amir Ghanbari
Institution:Prince of Wales Hospital, Respiratory Medicine
Job Title:Hospital Scientist/ Lab Engineer
Qualifications:BE MBiomedEng
Name:Neil Misso
Institution:Lung Institute of WA
Name:Dr Gary Nolan
Institution:Princess Margaret Hospital, Respiratory Medicine
Name:Dr Maureen Swanney
Institution:Respiratory Physiology Laboratory; Christchurch Hospital NZ
Name:Jennifer Walsh
Institution:QEII Medical Centre


Name:Ms Carol Armour
Institution:University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy
Job Title:Pharmacist


Name:Dr Annette McWilliams
Institution:Cancer Imaging Department, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Canada
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, FRACP, FRCPC

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Posted On: 22 October, 2013
Modified On: 13 June, 2017

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