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Heart – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Brendan McQuillan
Institution:Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Director
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP


Name:Dr Philip Adams
Name:Dr Sharyn Armstrong
Name:Dr John Atherton
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Edward Barin
Institution:The Medical Practice G3D, NSW
Name:Prof Lawrie Beilin
Institution:University Of Western Australia
Name:Dr John Beltrame
Institution:Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus SA, Cardiology Unit
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Medicine
Name:Dr Jocelyne Benatar
Institution:Cardiovascular Research Unit, Greenlane Clinical Centre NZ
Job Title:Research Doctor
Name:Dr Robert Blum
Institution:Bendigo Health Care Group, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Julie Bradley
Institution:Calvary Cardiology, SA
Name:Dr Pamela Bradshaw
Institution:University of Western Australia School of Population Health, WA
Job Title:Research Fellow
Name:Dr Tom Briffa
Institution:Curtin University of Technology Heart Foundation, WA
Job Title:CVD Advocate
Name:Dr Divina Brillante
Institution:The St. George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Pharmacology
Name:Dr Ian Carney
Institution:Frankston Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Suchitra Chandar
Institution:Heart Failure Clinic, Concord Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Cardiologist
Name:Dr Chirapan Chawantanpipat
Name:Dr Clara Chow
Institution:The George Institute Cardiac and Renal Division, NSW
Name:Dr Andrew Cochrane
Institution:Department of Cardiac Surgery, Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Pauline Colill
Name:Dr Marg Constantine
Name:A/Prof Patricia Davidson
Institution:University of Western Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Associate Professor of Nursing
Name:Dr Lloyd Davis
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Westmead Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Electrophysiology
Name:Mrs Larene Deviti
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Simon Dimmitt
Institution:St John of God Healthcare, WA
Name:A/Prof Robert Doughty
Institution:Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Unit Univetsity of Auckland, NZ
Job Title:Associate Professor in Cardiology
Name:Dr Xiao-Jun Du
Institution:Experimental Cardiology Laboratory, Baker Heart Research Institute, VIC
Job Title:Senior Research Fellow Head of Experimental Cardiology Lab
Qualifications:MBBS, MMed, PhD
Name:Dr Vinod Elte
Institution:Eastern Heart Clinic, Elsevier Australia, NSW
Job Title:Publisher and General Manager Pharmaceutical
Name:Mr Malcolm Fawcett
Institution:Cardiology Research, Bedford Park SA
Job Title:Study Co-ordinator
Name:Dr John Christopher Ford
Job Title:general cardiologist
Name:Dr Peter French
Job Title:VMO
Name:Dr Lefebure Gerarb
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:Dr C Gnanaharan
Name:Dr Karen Halloran
Institution:Coronary Care Royal Melb Hosp, VIC
Name:Prof Ian Hamilton-Craig
Institution:Department of Medicine, Bond University, QLD
Job Title:Preventive Cardiologist
Name:A/Prof Jeremy Hammond
Institution:Melbourne Hypertension Clinic, VIC
Job Title:Consultant Physician
Name:Mr Clive Heathcote
Name:Dr Mark Horrigan
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Austin Health, Austin Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Xuesong Hu
Name:Dr Marcus Ilton
Name:Dr Rohan Jayasinghe
Name:Dr Nigel Jepson
Institution:Department of Cardiology, Eastern Heart Clinic, Prince of Wales Hospital, NSW
Name:Dr Michael Jones
Institution:Monash Medical Centre, NSW
Name:Dr C.B. Keshavamurthy
Institution:Vikram Hospital and Heart Care, India
Job Title:Interventional Cardiologist
Name:Dr Isi Kevau
Institution:University of Papua New Guinea
Job Title:Professor Medicine
Name:Dr Hosen Kiat
Institution:Cardiac Health Institute, NSW
Name:A/Prof Peter Kistler
Institution:Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne VIC
Job Title:Head, Clinical Electrophysiology Research
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACP
Name:Dr Yahya Kiwan
Institution:Gold Coast Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Interventional Cardiologist
Name:Dr Janet Knowles
Job Title:WA Representative for Burlington Gowns
Name:A/Prof Leonard Kritharides
Name:Dr V Kumar
Name:Dr Geoff K Lane
Institution:WA Cardiology Services
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Astin Lee
Institution:The Cardiac Centre, NSW
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS(Hons), MRCP(UK), FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Dr James Leitch
Institution:Suite 7 The Heights Medical Centre; NSW
Name:Dr Kendrick Ling
Institution:Laboratory for Genetic Epidemiology, Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, WA
Name:Mr Brendan Macdonald
Job Title:cardiologist
Name:Nurse Wendy Maginness
Institution:CHCH Hospital
Job Title:Cardiac Rehab Nurse
Name:Dr Andrew Maiorana
Institution:Cardiac Transplant Unit and Advanced Heart Failure Service, Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Job Title:Senior Exercise Physiologist
Name:Ms Janet McAllister
Institution:Royal Melbourne CCU, VIC
Job Title:Unit Manager
Name:Dr Chris McLaran
Institution:Peninsula Spee Centre, QLD
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:Dr Kenie Memett
Job Title:Cardiovascular Nurse
Name:Prof Samuel Menahem
Institution:S Menahem Pty Ltd, VIC
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, Med(Melb), MPM(Mon), FRACP, FACC, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Stuart Moyer
Name:Prof Carl Munoz-Ferrada
Institution:Medical Centre for Excellence, Institute for Medical Research, Division of Gamma sonics
Job Title:Practice Manager
Name:Dr David Murphy
Institution:Bendigo Health Care Group
Job Title:Cardiac Specialist in Rehab/ Aged Care
Name:Prof Kenneth Myers
Institution:The Epworth Centre
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Tony Mylius
Institution:Western Cardiology, WA
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:BMBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Pradeep Narayanan
Institution:Department of Cardiology, The Townsville Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Dang T Nguyen
Name:Prof Dan Penny
Institution:Department of Cardiology, The Royal Children’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Director, Dept. of Cardiology
Qualifications:MD, FRACP, FRCPI, MRCPCH, PhD
Name:Dr Peter Pohlner
Institution:Cardiac Surgical Department, Prince Charles Hospital QLD
Job Title:Cardiac Surgeon
Name:Dr Kathleen Potter
Institution:Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Terry Pry
Name:Dr Ben Quiss
Name:Dr Roger Redson
Name:Dr Terry Robertson
Institution:Cardiology Department, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Anne Russell
Institution:Prince Of Wales Hospital, Cardiology Clinical Trials, NSW
Job Title:Study coordinator
Name:Dr Elizabeth Ryan
Job Title:Cardiology – Echo Specialist
Name:Dr Norman Sadick
Institution:Faculty of Medicine, The University of Sydney, NSW
Name:Prof Prashanthan Sanders
Institution:Dept. of Cardiology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Miss Kylie Schutt
Institution:Coronary Care Unit, Royal Darwin Hospital NT
Job Title:Consultant Nurse Manager
Name:Dr Michael Shanahan
Institution:Internal Medicine / Cardiology, NSW
Name:Dr Joshua Sher
Institution:Cabrini Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Yadu Singh
Institution:The Hills Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBBS, MD, FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Dr Jonathon Skinner
Institution:Starship Hospital, NZ
Job Title:Pediatric Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBChB, DCH FRCPCM, FRACP, MD
Name:Dr Martin Stiles
Institution:Cardiovascular Research Centre, University of Adelaide, SA
Qualifications:MBChB and FRACP
Name:Mr Tonglin Su
Name:A/Prof David Richmond Sullivan
Institution:Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Royal Prince Alfred Hopsital, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Greg Szto
Institution:Peninsula Private Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Kim Taubman
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Physician
Name:Dr Ros Taylor
Institution:Mater Hospital Townsville Cath Lab, QLD
Name:Prof Peter Thompson
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Director Research Development
Name:Dr Philip Tideman
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Stuart Tie
Name:A/Prof Edward Vogl
Job Title:Cardiologist
Name:A/Prof Jitu Vohra
Institution:Victorian Heart Centre, VIC
Qualifications:MD, FRCP, FRACP, FACC
Name:Dr Rukshen Weerasooriya
Name:Dr Malcolm West
Institution:Department of Medicine, Prince Charles Hospital, QLD
Name:Dr Namal Wijesinghe
Institution:Cardiology Department, Waikato Hospital, NZ
Name:Dr Chiew Wong
Institution:University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Cardiology Research Fellow
Name:A/Prof Stan Woodhouse
Job Title:Cardiologist
Qualifications:MBChB(Otago), FRACP, FCSANZ
Name:Prof Boon Kian Yeu
Job Title:paediatric cardiology
Name:Dr Glenn Young
Institution:Adelaide Cardiology, SA
Job Title:Partner
Name:Dr Johny F Younger
Institution:Department of Academic Cardiology, Cardiac MRI Unit, UK
Qualifications:FRACP, MRCP, BHF


Name:Ms Wendy Bayliss
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Ms Ineke Bleeker
Institution:Calvary Health Care, ACT
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Ms Sonja Cleary
Institution:School of Nursing & Health Sciences, Faculty of Science Engineering & Health, Central Queensland University
Job Title:Lecturer/Course Coordinator
Name:Mr Greg Cross
Institution:Christchurch Public Hospital, NZ
Name:Ms Rachael Hepburn
Job Title:Cardiac Nurse
Name:Mrs Marisa Jenkins (Madigan)
Name:Ms Deborah Sharp
Institution:Peninsula Private Hospital
Job Title:Cardiac Lab Nurse
Name:Nurse Mariska ter Bals
Institution:University of Auckland
Job Title:Cardiac researcher
Name:Ms Gaye Tootell
Job Title:Nurse

Research Scientists

Name:Ms Wei Zhang

Medical Practitioners

Name:Prof Norman Sharpe
Institution:National Heart Foundation of New Zealand, NZ
Job Title:Medical Director

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