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Cancer – Editorial Advisory Board

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Medical Directors

Name:Dr Andrew Dean
Institution:St John of God Hospital WA
Qualifications:MBChB MRCP(UK) FRACP


Name:Dr Steve Ackland
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology, Newcastle Maternity Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Sayed Ali
Institution:Liverpool HospitalOncology
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Prof Per Alm
Institution:Lund University, Sweden
Name:Dr Kirsten A Auret
Institution:Palliative Medicine Specialist Service, Hollywood Private Hospital WA
Name:Dr Nader Awad
Institution:Urology Centre, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Richard Bakemeier
Institution:University of Colorado, USA
Job Title:University Faculty Council
Name:Dr Simon Bariol
Job Title:Urological Surgeon
Name:Dr Sally Baron-Hay
Institution:Mater Medical Centre NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Prof Michael Barton
Institution:Liverpool Health Service, NSW
Job Title:Conjoint Associate Professor
Name:Dr Gedal Basman
Job Title:Drug Information Pharmacist
Name:A/Prof Richard Bell
Institution:Barwon Health, The Geelong Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Associate Prof at Andrew Love Cancer Centre
Name:Dr Mattias Belting
Institution:Lund University, Sweden
Name:A/Prof Andrew Biankin
Institution:Garvan Institute of Medical Research, NSW
Qualifications:B Med Sc MBBS PhD
Name:Dr David Blakey
Institution:Peter MacCallum Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Robert Blum
Institution:Bendigo Health Care Group, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Anthony Bonaventura
Institution:Department Medical Oncology, Newcastle Mater Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Rodney Bond
Institution:Haemotology Oncology Palliative Care, Marian House, St John of God, VIC
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Stephen Bourne
Institution:John Flynn Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Michael Boyer
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Fran Boyle
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology , Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Staff Specialist
Name:Mr Andrew Brooks
Institution:Westmead Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Martin Buck
Institution:Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Ivon Burns
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Sean Bydder
Institution:Alfred Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Alistair Cameron-Strange
Institution:Prince of Wales Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Robert Chamberlain
Institution:MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA
Name:Dr Sue Chapman
Institution:St John of God Hospital, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi
Institution:Head and Neck Service, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Qualifications:Assistant Professor
Name:Dr Peter Chin
Institution:Illawarra Urology, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Stephen Clarke
Institution:Concord Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Professor of Medicine
Name:Dr David Cook
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr FT Cordingley
Institution:St John of God Pathology, St John of God Hospital WA
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Prof Anthony Costello
Institution:The Epworth Centre, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Paul Cozzi
Institution:St George Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr David Dalley
Institution:St Vincent’s Hospital Dept of Medical Oncology, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Medical Oncology
Qualifications:MB BS FRACP
Name:Dr Graham Dark
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Name:Dr Richard de Boer
Institution:Department of Clinical Haematology and Medical Oncology, The Royal Melbourne Hospital Grattan St VIC
Job Title:Consultant Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Paul de Souza
Institution:St George Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, BSc(Med), FRACP, MPH
Name:Dr Jakob de Vries
Institution:Division of Surgical Oncology, University Medical Centre Groningen, The Netherlands
Job Title:Surgical Oncologist
Name:Dr Thomas Dean
Institution:San Clinic, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Jim Denham
Institution:Newcastle Mater Hospital and University of Newcastle, NSW
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Joanna Dewar
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Christopher FA Dibden
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre, SA
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Lachlan Dodds
Institution:Ballarat Urology Clinic, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Anthony Dowling
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Paul Dunn
Name:Dr David Eisinger
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Vanessa Estall
Institution:Liverpool Hospital NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Michael Fay
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, VIC
Name:Dr Malcolm Feigen
Institution:Radation Oncology Centre, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Senior Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCR, BSc(Med)
Name:Dr Gerald Fogarty
Name:Dr Mark Fraundorfer
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Richard Gallagher
Institution:Dept of Family Medicine, Wayne State University, USA
Job Title:Professor and Director of the Division of Medical Education
Qualifications:MA PhD
Name:Dr Mathew George
Institution:Royal Darwin Hospital
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Peter Gilling
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Paul Glare
Institution:Sloan Kettering Cancer Care Centre, New York
Name:Mr Neil SI Gordon
Institution:Cairns Urology, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Qualifications:MBBS(Melb), FRCS(Glasg), FRCSEd, FRACS, FICS
Name:Dr Charles Gunten
Institution:University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, USA San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care, Center for Palliative Studies, USA
Job Title:Clinical Professor of Medicine
Qualifications:MD PhD FAAHPM
Name:Dr David Gunter
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Jeffrey Hamdorf
Institution:St John of God Hospital, WA University of Western Australia (UWA)
Job Title:General Surgeon at St John of God Hospital Professor of Medical Education at UWA
Qualifications:MBBS, PhD, FRACS
Name:Mr Laurence Harewood
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Judith Harris
Institution:Jean Colvin Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nursing
Name:Dr Geoffrey Hawson
Institution:Nambour General Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Prof Jean-François Heron
Institution:Centre Francois Baclesse-Caen, France CRLCC
Name:Prof Peter Hersey
Institution:Oncology Immunology Unit, Royal Newcastle Centre NSW
Name:Dr Mark Hertzberg
Institution:Westmead Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Haematologist
Name:Dr Jane Hill
Institution:Riverina Cancer Care Centre, Wagga Wagga Base Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Roger Hinsch
Institution:McCullough Medical Centre, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Keith R Horwood
Institution:John Flynn Hospital QLD
Name:Dr Ian Irving
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Michael Jackson
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:BA MB, BChir, FRACR
Name:Dr George Jacob
Institution:John James Medical Centre, ACT
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, DMRT, FRANZCR
Name:Dr Michael Jefford
Institution:Peter MacCallum Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Robert Jensen
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Jes Judge
Institution:Mercy Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Chris Karapetis
Institution:Department of Medical Oncology, Flinders Medical Centre, SA
Name:Dr Phillip Katelaris
Institution:Sydney Adventist Hospital
Job Title:Urologist
Qualifications:M.B.B.S., (HONS), F.R.A.C.S. (Urol)
Name:Damien Kee
Institution:Western Private Hospital Footscray
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Dorothy Keefe
Institution:Calvary Cancer Centre, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Name:Dr Charles Kelly
Institution:Northern Centre for Cancer Treatment, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle General Hospital, UK
Name:Dr Andrew Kiberu
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Bogda Koczwara
Institution:Flinders Medical Centre SA, Department of Medical Oncology.
Job Title:Head of Department of Medical Oncology
Name:Dr Dusan Kotasek
Institution:Ashford Cancer Centre, SA
Name:Dr Padmaj Kulkarni
Institution:Head of Oncology, Noble Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Howard Lau
Institution:Westmead Private Hospital NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Eric Ka Chai Lee
Institution:Hong Kong
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Mr Craig Lewis
Institution:Dept of Medical Oncology, Institute of Oncology, University of NSW, NSW
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Name:Prof Ray Lowenthal
Institution:Department of Health and Human Services, University of Tasmania
Job Title:Director of Medical Oncology; Clinical Professor
Qualifications:AO; MD; FRCP; FRACP; FAChPM
Name:Dr Bill Lynch
Institution:St George Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:A/Prof Michael MacManus
Institution:Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:Dr Quentin John Malone
Job Title:Consultant Neurosurgeon
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACS(NeurS)
Name:Dr David Malouf
Institution:Urology Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Mr Richard McMullin
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Andrew McQuillan
Institution:Fremantle Hospital WA
Job Title:Hematologist
Qualifications:MBBC, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Mrs Heather Mercer
Institution:University of Surrey, UK
Name:Prof Arthur Michalek
Institution:Roswell Park Cancer Institute University at Buffalo, USA
Job Title:Research Integrity Officer
Qualifications:PhD, FACE
Name:Dr Tony Michele
Institution:Department of Oncology, Calvary Health Care Adelaide, SA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Andrew Miles
Institution:Mount Medical Centre, WA
Job Title:Neurosurgeon
Name:Dr Jeremy Millar
Institution:William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre, The Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Chris Milross
Institution:Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology
Name:Dr Paul Mitchell
Institution:Austin Repat Cancer Centre, VIC
Job Title:Director of Cancer Services
Name:Dr Kim Moretti
Institution:Harley Chambers, SA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Anna Muller
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy Centre
Name:Dr Sohail Murad
Institution:Inmol; Lahore, Pakistan
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Ray Murray
Name:Dr Siobhan Ng
Institution:St John of God Hospital WA
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:A/Prof David Nicol
Institution:Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Mrs Regina Nobis
Institution:Department of Nursing, University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla, Sweden
Name:Dr Reynold Noronha
Institution:Burwood Urology Centre, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Joy Notter
Institution:Ravensbury House, University of Central England, UK
Job Title:Community Health Care Studies
Name:Dr Anna Nowak
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Peter O’Brien
Institution:Newcastle Mater Misericordiae Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Consultant Radiation Oncologist
Name:Prof Joseph O’Donnell
Institution:Student Affairs Office, Dartmouth Medical School, USA
Job Title:Professor of Medicine and of Psychiatry, Senior Advising Dean and Director of Community Programs
Name:Prof Haken Olsson
Institution:Oncology Department Sweden
Name:Prof Ian Olver
Institution:The Cancer Council Australia, NSW
Job Title:Chief Executive Officer
Name:Prof John Michael Papadimitriou
Institution:Department of Pathology, University of Western Australia, QEII Medical Centre
Job Title:Senior Staff Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, MD
Name:Dr Dinesh Patel
Institution:Prince of Wales Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Nick Pavlakis
Institution:Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Staff Medical Oncologist
Name:Dr Richard Pemberton
Institution:Western Urology, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Susan Pendlebury
Institution:Radiation Oncology Dept, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Mr Justin Peters
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Martin Phillips
Institution:Dept of Respiratory Medicine, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Sarah Pickstock
Institution:Hollywood Private Hospital, WA School of Medicine and Pharmacology (UWA)
Name:Dr Ken Pittman
Institution:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA
Job Title:Head Haematology-Oncology Dept
Name:Prof Tim Price
Institution:Department of Haematology/Oncology, North Western Adelaide Health Service, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Campus, SA
Job Title:Medical Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP
Name:Dr Anthony Proietto
Institution:Hunter Centre for Gynaecological Cancer, NSW
Job Title:Director Gynaecological Oncologist
Qualifications:BSc(Med), MBBS, FRANZCOG, MRCOG, CGO
Name:Dr Nicole Rankin
Institution:School of Psychology, University of Sydney, NSW
Job Title:Executive Director
Name:Dr David Turner Ransom
Institution:St John of God Healthcare WA
Qualifications:MBBS, FRACP, MD
Name:Dr Prem Rashid
Institution:Urology Centre, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:A/Prof Gary Richardson
Institution:Cabrini Medical Centre, Medical Oncology and Clinical Haematology Services VIC
Name:A/Prof Georgia Robins Sadler
Institution:University of California Cancer Centre, USA
Name:Dr David Rosenfeld
Institution:Liverpool Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Director of Haematology
Qualifications:MBBS(Syd), FRACP, FRCPA
Name:Dr Doug Ross
Institution:Greenebaum Cancer Centre, University of Maryland, USA
Job Title:Professor
Qualifications:MD PhD
Name:Dr John Russell
Institution:Murray Valley Urology, Murray Valley Private Hospital, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Prof Christobel Saunders
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Name:Dr Mark Shackleton
Institution:Medical Oncology, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Melbourne University, VIC
Name:Dr Jenny Shannon
Institution:Nepean Cancer Care Centre, NSW
Name:Dr Richard Simcock
Job Title:Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Name:Dr Michael Slancar
Institution:Gold Coast Oncology, QLD
Job Title:Director
Name:Dr Peter Smith
Institution:St John of God Hospital, WA
Job Title:General Surgeon
Name:A/Prof Olle Soderhamn
Institution:University of Trollhättan/Uddevalla, Sweden
Name:Dr Andrew Spencer
Institution:Alfred Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Nigel Spry
Institution:Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Name:A/Prof Robin Stewart-Harris
Institution:Univeristy of Sydney, The Canberra Hospital, ACT
Job Title:Associate Professor of Medical Oncology Unit
Name:A/Prof Phillip Stricker
Institution:St Vincents Clinic, NSW
Qualifications:MBBS(NSW)(Hons), FRACS
Name:Prof Richard Stubbs
Institution:The Wakefield Clinic
Job Title:Professor and Director
Qualifications:MD FRCS FRACS
Name:Dr Kendra Sundquist
Institution:The Cancer Council NSW
Job Title:Manager of Supportive Care Development
Name:Dr Anil Tandon
Institution:School of Medicine and Pharmacology, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Job Title:Palliative Care Physician
Name:Dr Colin Tang
Institution:Calvary Mater Newcastle
Job Title:Radiation Oncologist
Qualifications:MBBS, FRANZCR.
Name:Dr Hee Soo Teng
Institution:Ipswich Urology Clinic, QLD
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Jeffrey Thavaseelan
Institution:Urology West, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Craig Underhill
Institution:Medical Oncology Unit, Border Medical Oncology, VIC
Name:Dr Guy Van Hazel
Institution:Mount Hospital, WA
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Celi Varol
Institution:Nepean Private Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Urological Oncologist
Name:Dr Justin Vass
Institution:AMA House, NSW
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Stephen Vaughan
Institution:Medical Services Building, Ballarat Health Services, VIC
Name:Mr Justin Vivian
Institution:Western Urology, WA
Job Title:Urologist
Name:A/Prof David Webb
Institution:Freemasons Private Medical Centre, VIC
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Andre Westenberg
Institution:Promed Urology, NZ
Job Title:Urologist
Name:Dr Nicholas Wickham
Institution:Ashford Cancer Centre, SA
Job Title:Oncologist
Name:Dr Stephen Wilkinson
Institution:Principal Surgeon at Tasmania Obesity Surgery Centre
Job Title:Obesity and General Surgeon
Qualifications:AM MBBS MD FRACS
Name:Dr Max Wolf
Institution:St Vincents Hospital, VIC
Name:Dr Elizabeth Wylie
Institution:Breast Screen WA
Job Title:Medical Director
Name:Dr Eric Yeoh
Institution:Department of Radiation Oncology, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA
Job Title:Director
Qualifications:MD, FRCP(EOIw), FRCR
Name:Dr Kevin Yuen

General Practitioners

Name:Dr Abbas Hussien
Job Title:Specialises in Pallitive medicine
Name:Prof Moyez Jiwa
Institution:WA Centre for Cancer & Palliative Care
Name:Dr Cyril Latt
Job Title:Palliative Care/Oncology Specialist
Qualifications:MBBS, DCH, FRACGP


Name:Kasia Bail
Institution:University of Canberra
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Julie Bernardson
Institution:Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services (GRICS)
Job Title:Sub- Regional Cancer Coordinator
Name:Nurse Fiona Farmer
Institution:Cancer Nursing, The College of Nursing
Job Title:Nurse Educator
Name:Jenny Fernie
Institution:Lingard Private Hospital Oncology
Name:Anne Holdsworth
Institution:Cabrini Hospital
Job Title:Oncology Nurse
Name:Christine Hoyne
Institution:Breast Service, Ambulatory Care, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Job Title:Nurse Co-ordinator
Name:Beth Ivimey
Institution:The Prince of Wales Hospital
Job Title:Cancer co-ordinator
Name:Angela McClelland
Institution:Great Southern Area Health Service (GSAHS)
Job Title:oncology nurse
Name:Ms Kathryn Nattress
Institution:Sydney Cancer Centre – RPA Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Consultant – Gynecological Cancer
Name:Renee Norman
Institution:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Haem/Oncology
Job Title:Nurse
Name:Ms Donna Owens
Institution:Newcastle Melanoma Unit, Newcastle Mater Misericordiae Hospital, NSW
Job Title:Clinical Nurse Specialist Melanoma
Name:Edmondo Palombo
Institution:Adelaide Radiotherapy
Name:Sharon Roberts
Institution:Monash Medical Centre
Job Title:Gynecology/Breast cancer nursing
Name:Lisa Smith
Institution:Southern Health
Name:Mr Darren Starmer
Institution:University of Western Australia
Job Title:PhD Candidate
Qualifications:BN. MEdStds (Hons)
Name:Kay Stephenson
Institution:Num Day Oncology Unit, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service
Job Title:Nurse


Name:Mr Paul Katris
Institution:Western Australian Clinical Oncology Group (WACOG), WA
Job Title:Executive Officer
Qualifications:M. Psych
Name:Ms Amanda Lucas
Institution:Capital Rehabilitation and Pain Management
Job Title:Clinical Psychologist


Name:Ms Helen Baker
Job Title:Private Practice Dietitian
Qualifications:APD; BSc(Nutrituin & Food Science); Grad Dip Dietetics; Postgrad Dip Health Promotion
Name:Ms Monica Divine
Institution:Dietitians Association of Australia WA Oncology Interest Group
Job Title:Chair Diet Therapy and Nutrition
Qualifications:BSc in Dietetic and Nutrition
Name:Mrs Bianca Mammana
Institution:Joondalup Health Campus
Job Title:Senior Dietitian
Qualifications:Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science, Graduate Diploma in Dietetics, Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences (Diabetes Education)

Allied Healths

Name:Ms Viviene Ali
Institution:CDHB, New Zealand
Job Title:Radiation Therapist
Name:Ms Fiona Kallin
Institution:Oncology/Hematology Department, Port Macquarie Base Hospital, NSW

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