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P.V. Carpine

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Generic Name: Pilocarpine hydrochloride
Product Name: P.V. Carpine


Carpine eye drops are used to treat glaucoma.


P.V. Carpine eye drops contain pilocarpine.

Pilocarpine lowers the pressure in the eye by increasing the flow of fluid out of the eye.

Dose advice

P.V. Carpine eye drops are only available via prescription from your doctor.

It is important you notify your doctor if you are pregnant (P.V. carpine eye drops fall in the ADEC Pregnancy Category B2), breastfeeding, taking any medications or have any medical conditions, so that your doctor can discuss the risks and benefits of using this medication.

The eye drops do not cure your condtion. Therefore it is important that you continue to use them until your doctor tell you to stop.

It is best to use them at the same time each day, as it gives you the best effect, and helps you to remember.

If you wear soft contact lenses, remove your contact lenses before instilling the eye drops and then wait 15 minutes before inserting them back. This is to prevent the preservative in the eye drop from accumulating in your contact lenses.

The usual recommended dose is instillation of 1-2 drops 2-4 times a day. However, your doctor may instruct you to take a different dose.

It is possible that you may experience blurry vision with these eye drops. If affected, take caution when driving or operating machinery.

Immediately after instilling the drop, close your eyes, place your index finger against the inside corner of your eye, and press against your nose for approximately 2 minutes. This prevents any draining to your nose and throat via your tear duct.

If you are using other eye drops, wait at least 5 minutes between instillations of each different eye drop to prevent washing them out of your eye. It is recommended that you use P.V. Carpine eye drops last.


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Common side effects

All medicines have side effects. Some side effects can be serious, but the most common ones are mild. If you experience or are concerned about any of them, speak to your doctor. Common side effects occurring in more than 1% of patients prescribed P.V. Carpine include:

Uncommon side effects

Uncommon side effects that occur in less than 1% of patients and are uncommon. Do not be alarmed by this list. A patient will not necessarily experience any of these:

Consult your doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms, or any other unusual or abnormal symptoms.


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For further information talk to your doctor.

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