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More than meets the eye to ulcer-inducing bacterial protein

Scientists at The University of Western Australia and Perth-based biotech Ondek Pty Ltd have revealed new insights into the function […]

How ulcer-inducing bacteria survive in the stomach

Scientists at The University of Western Australia, in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London and Perth-based biotech Ondek Pty […]

Losec Intravenous

Generic Name: Omeprazole Product Name: Losec Intravenous Indication Losec intravenous is used when Omeprazole is required quickly or when use […]


Generic Name: cimetidine Product Name: Magicul Indication: What Magicul is used for Magicul is used to: Treat stomach and duodenal […]

Mylanta Double Strength

Generic Name: Aluminium hydroxide; Magnesium hydroxide; Simethicone Product Name: Mylanta Double Strength Indication Mylanta is an antacid that is used […]


Generic Name: omeprazole Product Name: Probitor Indication: What Probitor is used for Ulcers This medicine is used to treat and […]

Somac Injection

Generic Name: Pantoprazole Product Name: Somac Injection Indication Somac (pantoprazole) is a medication given for the control of the amount […]


Generic Name: nizatidine Product Name: Tazac Indication: What Tazac is used for Tazac is used to treat the following conditions: […]

Ranitidine (Terry White Chemists)

Generic Name: Ranitidine hydrochloride Product Name: Ranitidine (Terry White Chemists) Indication Short-term treatment and relapse prevention of: ulcers in the […]


Generic Name: Sucralfate Product Name: Ulcyte Indication Ulcyte is used to treat acute ulcers in the stomach and duodenum. Taken […]