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Certican (everolimus) is an immunosuppresant used to help prevent adults with kidney, heart or liver transplants from rejecting the transplanted organ.

Growing replacement body organs

A discovery involving Monash University scientists promises to pave the way to producing replacement organs for damaged hearts, kidneys and […]

Islet transplantation: positive step for people with type 1 diabetes

Professor Jane Speight has spoken on the benefits and issues of islet cell transplantation at the world’s leading diabetes conference. […]

Investigating stem cell transplant treatments for MS

UNSW-St Vincent’s Hospital researcher Jennifer Massey is the recipient of an MS Research Australia scholarship to examine the effects of stem cell […]


Generic Name: azathioprine Product Name: Azapin Indication: What Azapin is used for Azapin tablets are used to treat patients who […]


Generic Name: mycophenolate mofetil Product Name: CellCept Indication: What CellCept is used for CellCept contains the active ingredient mycophenolate mofetil. […]


Generic Name: Cyclosporin Product Name: Cysporin Indication Cyclosporin is used in patients who receive kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, bone marrow […]


Generic Name: azathioprine Product Name: Thioprine Indication: What Thioprine is used for Thioprine is used to: Prevent rejection after organ […]


Generic Name: Cyclophosphamide Product Name: Cycloblastin Indication Cycloblastin is a drug used to treat various cancerous diseases (breast and ovarian cancers, […]

Celestone Chronodose

Generic Name: Betamethasone sodium phosphate/Betamethasone acetate Product Name: Celestone Chronodose Indication: What Celestone Chronodose is used for Celestone Chromodose is […]