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Opioid epidemic has reached Australia

Research by the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS) at the Monash University Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has found that a […]

It’s time to act to reduce diabetes-related foot disease

Greater investment from governments, health professionals and researchers is needed to reduce costly and common diabetes-related foot disease (DFD), QUT […]

Bupredermal Patches

Bupredermal patches (buprenorphine) act through the skin to treat moderate to severe pain. Buprenorphine is an opioid analgesic and may cause physical dependence.

Majority of opioid overdose deaths relate to pharmaceutical opioids

The number of people dying as a result of opioid use has risen markedly, says a report by the National […]

Illicit cannabis used for pain, mental health, sleep conditions

Australians who used illicit cannabis for medical reasons did so mainly to treat chronic pain, mental health, sleep and neurological […]

The pain circuit breaker – visual illusion proves effective in relieving knee p…

In a new study published in the journal Peer J, researchers at UniSA’s Body in Mind Research Group have found […]

Anticonvulsant drugs ineffective for back pain

Anticonvulsant drugs are ineffective in the treatment of lower back and lumbar radicular pain despite prescriptions rising by 500 per […]

No strong evidence that cannabis reduces chronic non-cancer pain

Researchers at UNSW Sydney who conducted one of the world’s longest community studies of its type have found no clear […]

The brain is able to anticipate painful movements following injury

When people are injured, how does the brain adapt the body’s movements to help avoid pain? New research published in […]

Young knees at risk of repeated injury

New La Trobe University research has revealed a high number of young children and teenagers who play popular sports are […]